Raipur: Now the information about local trains running late, their arrival and departure time will be made available on railway helpline number 139. Thus far online railway timetable information was available for long distance trains only.

The Railway Board, Ministry of Railways, has directed the CRIS - Centre for Railway Information Systems, to make necessary changes to the railway enquiry system for making available local train information on 139 to the users. Railway tickets can already be booked using 139 number. (see - railway ticket booking by sms on 139).

raipur railway station
Couple of men at raipur railway station trying to enquire about local train arrival using their mobile phones

It will take few months to update the system, after which users can use the railway inquiry number for information.

Feeding Info of Zonal Railway trains: All railway zones have been asked by railway board to provide information about the trains which run under the supervision of divisions that fall under them. Once the information is collected it will be required to feed into the railway database so that it can be retrieved and provided to the user when needed.

Long queues at railway enquiry: There are dozens to train that are run on route from Raipur to Bhilai, Bilaspur, Korba, Raigarh and other stations. These include superfast, mail/express, intercity, and local passenger trains. Except for local passenger trains, train arrival/ departure enquiry can be done on 139 even today. The national train enquiry, which is used to track the running train, too provide information about express trains, their timetable, but not for local trains. But majority of people that stand in queue at railway enquiry counter ask for local train information. This is where the change in railway passenger enquiry system to provide info of local trains, will benefit users of railway.

System will work like this: Users will need to dial 139 to connect to railway passenger enquiry system. After which the user will be asked to tap various numbers like 1,2,3 etc. on their phone's keypad to get various train information. After it the user will need to feed in  STD code of station. For some inquiries station codes also will be required. Last bit to enter will be the train number. If a user don't know station code or train number he/ she can directly talk to railway representative on 139. This will be the last option. Computer itself will tell user what to do, i.e which number to key in, in order to talk to customer care representative of railway.

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