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Railway ticket booking by SMS on 139

You can do railway ticket booking simply by sending two SMSes to 139 number. You need to use mobile banking services. There is no need of computers, internet, web. Only mobile handset is sufficient. However, you can book max 10 tickets in a month and can't spend more than Rs. 5000 per day on ticket booking by SMS. Tatkal ticket booking is not allowed using this service, nor you can avail any concession/ discounts applicable to several railway quotas.

train tickets by SMS 139

Bharat BPO services has provided this facility to railway users. To start with, you need to register on and avail mobile banking services upon irctc registration. Make sure that mobile number registered with IRCTC account matches your bank account.

Before knowing exactly how to book the tickets on SMS 139, you should be aware of these terms or codes - IMPS, MMID, & OTP.

All these are transaction protocols set up by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), headquartered at Mumbai. These codes (provided by bank) are essential for making any transaction. IMPS stands for Immediate Payment Service. MMID stands for Money Mobile Identification Number; It is a unique 7 digits number. OTP stands for One Time Password which is a 6 digits number.

Once you get yourself registered for the M banking service with your respective bank, you may generate MMID/OTP using the available M banking application through Mobile Phone or you may directly contact the Bank Branch/ Customer Care Center. To get a list of all the IMPS participating banks visit, you can also get more information on MMID/ OTP.

Booking Railway tickets by SMS 139

Prepare yourself for sending two SMS messages. 

Send first SMS with the Passenger, Date and Journey Details to 139. You will receive a response SMS from 139 immediately stating your Transaction ID and the Seat availability and the total amount payable for the ticket. 

Send second SMS with the payment details (Last six digits of ICICI bank account or MMID and OTP code along with IRCTC User ID). Once the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation SMS about the booked ticket, Ticket Number, Coach Number, Seat Number, DOJ (Date of Journey), Amount Paid, Schedule Departure and Source and Destination station. Remember that IRCTC user ID is case sensitive. So be careful while composing a message.

If you need hard copy of ticket i.e. printable ERS (Electronic Reservation Slip) Call 139 or E mail your requirement to . You will receive the ERS (PDF) copy of the booked ticket through E mail.
In case the ticket thus booked is a waiting list ticket and reservation status remains so after chart preparation tickets will be automatically cancelled and the amount will be refunded back to your bank account within 3-4 working days as per IRCTC guidelines. There is no need to file any TDR.

Please note that in case waiting list tickets get confirmed or status improves to RAC no separate alert message will be send to the user. The same SMS which you received earlier is valid and authorized for travel. Passenger's name will be displayed in chart.

Sometimes, users delete the ticket booking confirmation by mistake, and get into a bit of tension as to what will happen now. There is no need to worry. Type TRANS and send to 139. You will receive the ticket confirmation SMS again. If you wish to receive the ticket confirmation from other mobile phone, Type PNR <10 Digit PNR No.> and send to 139. You will receive the IRCTC PNR status (without captcha code) of your booked ticket.

Cancel Railway Ticket Booked By SMS 139

Just as you can book railway tickets, you can cancel them too by SMS. The procedure is slightly different  for cancelling full and partial tickets. Follow the instructions A and B, below.

A. Full Cancellation: Type CAN <PNR No.> <IRCTC User ID> and send to 139. You will receive confirmation request for cancellation from 139. Confirm the cancellation by sending YES to 139 again. You will receive the ticket cancellation confirmation SMS from 139.

B. Partial Cancellation: Type CAN <PNR No.> <IRCTC User ID> <Passenger No.> and send to 139. You will receive confirmation request for cancellation from 139. Confirm the cancellation by sending YES to 139 again. You will receive the ticket cancellation confirmation SMS from 139. For more information on ticket cancellation procedures, please visit site.


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