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reservation status (pnr) of train ticket

Status that ensures at least a sitting accommodation in train

In order to board the train in reserved coach, you must have a ticket with at least "RAC" reservation status. This way you will be initially provided a sitting accommodation and allotted a berth (in case of passengers not turning up) in the trains. You can always travel in general coaches, where reservation is not needed without having to worry about the status of train ticket.

What is advantage of confirmed reservation status

The best thing is to have a ticket with a "confirmed" status as it ensures comfortable and hassle free journey for a passengers where a full seat is allotted and which is not required to be shared with another passenger's. Customers having a ticket with a "waitlisted" status cannot board the train.  The waiting list status or "waitlisted" status can be of many types, like pqwl, gnwl, rlwl etc. But whatever they may be, you are not allowed to board the train unless the status improves to either "RAC" or "Confirmed".

Where is reservation status located on a ticket

The reservation status is clearly indicated in your ticket. If your ticket is confirmed, your
coach and berth numbers are mentioned on your ticket in all classes other than First Class
and AC First Class. For these, the word “Confirmed” will be printed alongside the class of
travel. If your ticket is in RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation)/Waitlisted status, the same
is mentioned on the ticket.

Can I board a train in the reserved coach if I don't have a wait-listed ticket?

Yes. If you don’t have any ticket, you may approach the Train Superintendent/TTE after
purchasing an unreserved ticket from the booking office. The TTE will allot the accommodation, subject to availability. The minimum class of ticket required for permission to board from intermediate stations is, first class ordinary ticket for Rajdhani/ Shatabdi train type, and first class ordinary or second class for mail/ express types of trains.

How to find the train reservation status online

If you don't have a confirmed status and want to see if the status of your reservation is improved or changed from previous one, then you should read this excellent article on how to check irctc pnr status quickly online. You can contact the Enquiry Counters at your nearest Computerised Reservation Centre or call the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), available at major stations. The number to dial is 139. Remember to always quote the 10 digit PNR Number indicated on the upper left hand corner of your ticket, to find out the current status.

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