It is not uncommon to see RLWL, RSWL, RQWL, or RLGN printed on an Indian Railway ticket. What are these? All of these are among the several waiting list quota's, which passenger reservation system of railway may allot to a ticket.

What is RLWL?

RLWL:  Remote Location Waiting List, status is quite similar to PQWL status of a train ticket, but with one major difference. In case of RLWL the starting station can't be the originating station of the train.

remote location rlwl
extremely remote location in india

The way the tickets having remote location quota are confirmed is also different to some of the other quota's. Here the chances of confirmation depends upon the destination station. If a person with a confirmed ticket to the same destination cancels his ticket, then there is a remote chance that the ticket will get confirmed.

It is also known as Running Line Waiting List or Road-Side Location Waiting List. It applies to the quotas of specific intermediate ticketing stations on a route, known as the Remote Location Quota. E.g., Solapur has a quota with a corresponding wait list on the Mumbai - Chennai mail). The intermediate stations are usually the more important towns or cities on the route. The RL quota takes care of passengers travelling from these intermediate stations up to or short of the terminating station. RL quota tickets are never available from the originating station of the route. When the RL quota is exhausted, RAC (Reservation against Cancellation) begins, and it is then followed by ticketing on the RL Waiting List; in some cases when the RL Quota is small, the RL Waiting List is active immediately. There can be more than one Remote Location Quota for some long distance trains, corresponding to different stations en route. Passengers in the Remote Location Quota Waiting List are cleared against the vacancies in the earmarked Pooled Quota only, or against General Quota vacancies available at the time of charting.

These type of tickets are usual given a separate priority, not necessarily a special priority, and confirmations depends upon the cancellations of a destination confirmed ticket. For this type of ticket there are less chances of confirmation.

What is RSWL?

RSWL:  Roadside Station Waiting List (RSWL) is allotted when berths or seats are booked by the originating station for journeys up to the road-side station and distance restrictions may not apply. This waiting list has also very less chances of confirmation.

What is RQWL?

RQWL:  If a ticket is to be booked from an intermediate station to another intermediate station, and if it is not covered by the general waiting quota (GNWL) or by the remote location quotas or pooled quota, the request for the ticket may go into a Request Waiting List (RQWL). A ticket on this list is usually confirmed only when there is a confirmed ticket for a passenger travelling from the originating station to that intermediate station, although in the case of some Rajdhani routes and other long-distance trains specific quotas may be earmarked for use by passengers on the RQWL, for some intermediate stations. Tickets for travel from an intermediate point to the terminating station are also handled in the same way if there is no Remote Location Quota defined for that intermediate point.

For road-side station quotas, berths or seats are booked by the originating station for journeys up to the road-side station and distance restrictions may not apply. If berths or seats are redefined from a remote location, then booking can be done beyond the road-side station, within the limits for the remote location's quota. In no case, however, will through passengers be booked on multiple quotas, e.g., partway on the general quota of the originating station and the rest of the journey on a remote location quota.

What is RLGN?

RLGN: Remote Location General Waiting List (RLGN) is issued when a user books a ticket where WL quota is RLWL. This means after ticket booking RLWL gets named as RLGN.

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