This is perhaps the easiest way to book your train tickets - what we have explained below. Booking train tickets can consume time, and even then may not have a "confirmed" status. So is there a shortest, quickest, and most trustworthy way to book a confirmed train ticket?

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Yes! There is one. Exclusively for our users we have devised a strategy, a road map, that will shorten-up the online ticket booking process to a great extent, and will increase the chances of getting a confirmed ticket by almost 99 percent. Just follow the procedure below.

Step 1 - Get ready to book tickets online

Days of standing in a queue in front of railway reservation counter is gone. By the time you reach the head of queue, the chances of all available train tickets been already "consumed" is extremely high. In modern times modern methods of ticket booking should be adopted. Computer must be used to complete a task wherever possible. Without wasting anytime, go and register on online railway ticket booking site, such as "". Follow the guide on creating new account on IRCTC at our irctc registration page.

Step 2 - Login to online reservation system to plan your journey

Once you have attained the membership of online railway reservation system it is time to start using it. Any good automatic computerized reservation system would have a tool such as "plan my travel" which will guide a user to plan a complete tour. It will have a wizard like interface that by the way of series of questions will help user in journey planning. To access this tool though one needs to login first. Logging in  typically requires authentication of the user. This is done by verifying if the user has provided the correct userid or username and password combination. Once this is done, user can follow the simple and easy to do irctc online ticket booking guide.

Step 3 - Further expedite the train ticket booking by using tools with the tools

The tools and wizards mentioned above are handy, but what if you really want to get ahead of others. To further expedite the booking of rail tickets you can use our following tools -
  • IRCTC autofill tool - This magical tool that automatically fills online railway reservation forms on a next generation passenger reservation (e Ticket booking) system.
  • eWallet - This is an online account where one can keep money for payment of railway tickets without having to go through bank's site for online transaction. It is highly useful while booking railway tickets under "Tatkal Scheme" where time is extremely important,
As you can see we have made booking ticket in train so easy. There is no need to go through all those redundant complex processes which users used to go though in the past, and that too without any guarantee of getting a confirmed ticket.

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