We know that IRCTC provides online ticket booking facility. But it is not always possible to get a confirmed ticket, since the ticket availability is limited. But if you are a women or group of women traveling together, you can use the trick explained below to get a confirmed train ticket without paying any extra rupee.

Most people, including intelligent ladies, just blindly start booking railway tickets when they sign in to irctc for confirmed reserved seat in a train. They don't even look around to see if there is something of note available that they can take advantage of. This is true for most customers. As a result many people end up getting an unconfirmed ticket rather then a confirmed one.

However, if they, specially ladies, select a proper quota, which is kept aside for traveling women in all the trains, they can easily obtain a fully confirmed ticket. Usually there are 6 such seats that are kept in each coach, although it may vary depending upon the class of travel and type of train, and are allotted to ladies only on first come first serve basis. This is a special quota and is exclusive of senior citizen quota. It means ladies who are senior citizens are not allotted seats from this quota. It is there to take advantage of, and it must be used.

In order to use this trick, follow the steps described in irctc online ticket booking in 3 simple steps guide with one variation. In the third step, where "plan my travel" wizard is used for providing journey details, you need to choose "Ladies" in quota field, instead of "General".

irctc ladies quota selected
here ladies quota is selected when irctc lists train between stations - new delhi and mumbai central in this case

That's about it. Now the passenger reservation system will treat you exclusively as a "lady" and will go through all the available seats in ladies quota when trying to book seats for you. You can further increase your chances as lady by choosing other quota's like handicapped quota that may be applicable to you.

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