People used to doing 'online railway booking', who wish to access the older version of 'Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation' (IRCTC) can still do so by logging onto the old ticketing site. Recently, a newer version of IRCTC - the IRCTC Next Generation  eTicketing System was launched by railway. Many people found it to be overwhelming, despite its fastness and great features, and wanted to again use the older version, as they are more familiar with it and comfortable with its look and feel, as compared to new  page.

How to Access IRCTC Login (Old)

If you just type in "" or "", in both cases you will be forwarded to the latest version of the online passenger reservation system. There seems to be no way of getting to the previous version. So, what to do? Is there anyway one can get to see the older IRCTC home page?Yes, but you have to type in the correct web address to reach it.

To see the irctc login box of olden online passenger reservation system, type in your browser's address bar :, and wait for page to load. Within seconds you shall see the page similar to what is shown in picture below.

irctc login old version
screenshot of old version of irctc login page.

Advantages of Old IRCTC login page

  1. Familiar interface for users to use.
  2. Access to all the pages which new version links to.
  3. Less complicated and easier to work with.

Disadvantages of Old Version of IRCTC Login Page

  1. Lacks new interface features present in new version.
  2. Less mobile friendly compared to latest version.
  3. Works slowly during peak hours,
  4. Isn't good for fast tatkal booking.
It is true that IRCTC has launched the new e-Ticketing login page for the better. Today people have plenty of options to access websites. There are many devises available in the market that can be used for surfing websites. The new website is good as it works same no matter which devise is used to access it. Be it a smartphone, iPad, notebook, laptop or desktop computer, the modern interface provide seamless user interaction. But the older version is not that bad either. It is like an old wine. The older it gets, the better it gets.

It is good that users can access both the versions, and both are active and working. Any of them can be used for booking train tickets. It is choice of the user which one he wants to use. Coming from old school, we still prefer the older version of IRCTC homepage to login to the e-Ticket booking system.

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