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Apr 15, 2015

IRCTC Next Generation

The IRCTC Next Generation system is the most modern and up to date system for doing online railway reservation. It works on smartphone too. The older system - known by the name "online passenger reservation" also did a good job in helping users to book their railway tickets online. But it had certain limitations - it was slow, complex to work with, and tend to stuck after doing irctc login which often left users frustrated.

The new railway booking system is not only fast but it is also easier to work with. It is a preferred platform of most users who are looking for train ticket booking online. IRCTC itself recommends using it than the older version. This is clear from the fact that most old users are now forwarded to the IRCTC's next generation railway reservation.

irctc next generation home page
homepage of irctc.co.in
If you are using IRCTC regularly from about 3-4 years, it is likely that you also have received an email from care@irctc.co.in stating that you are successfully upgraded to IRCTC's next generation e Ticketing system.

Some of the features of the next generation IRCTC are:

  • It is fast and secure.
  • It is capable of handling thousands of users at a time enabling them to book their tickets online without getting stuck or hanged up.
  • It has rich journey planner interface which provide all the useful details to the user while booking tickets, like train timings, mention about what is seat availability in trains, fare of the train, classes available in train, running days of train, and much more.

Earlier, though it was straightforward to do railway ticket booking, to get additional information related to train (the one's listed above) one had to visit the railway enquiry website of Indian Railways. This was a big problem because by the time you go and look at train related information the seats were already occupied by other users.

As mentioned earlier, that the next generation or IRCTC new generation reservation site also work on smartphones and other devices like laptops and tablets.  They don't have to be expensive either. It can even be accessed on phones, computers, PC's  having price below 10000 Rs.  This shows that it is compatible with all the modern day devices. Good thing is that there are many free to download apps that can also be used to connect to next generation IRCTC and do booking easily either from home or when you are on the go.

We recommend to our users too to always use the next generation site of IRCTC since it will help you on doing fast ticket booking. In coming months many new features and services will be started for consumers of IRCTC. These services will be provided though various online applications which won't run on older system. Hence it makes sense to update yourselves to IRCTC next generation e Ticketing system to continue to take advantages of useful customer services.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article. If you kike it do share with your friends and relatives, the next generation people.


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