Which trains run between pair of stations can be get easily through the railway enquiry http://www.indianrail.gov.in/know_Station_Code.html page. Simply one needs to enter names of source and destination stations, and date on which one wishes to find the trains. Query can be done for any two stations, need not be important stations. This is how it looks.

train between stations
train between any two stations on a particular date.
This query shows all train schedules in the system between any pair of stations. The details show all the stations in the train schedule, including indicators for zonal, divisional and sectional interchange. You can also further filter the trains returned by parameters such as quota (tatkal, ladies, premium, yuva, handicapped, lower berth etc.). Selecting each train in list will show its schedule in detail.

List of trains for two stations.
List of trains for two stations.
You might see signs/ symbols like #, *, +, $ in appended to trains. These have special meaning described below -
  • # indicates a temporary train. It means that this train is available for a specific period only.
  • * indicates that this is not a starting station of the train. Train will arrive at a specific time from some other station.
  • + indicates that couple of trains are having a same number i.e. train number is same.
  • $ indicates that a lower berth quota is available. A Lower berth Quota is provided in AC and Sleeper classes for senior citizen and women above the age of 45, travelling alone.
Now, in case you need to do general query, that is you want to see which train generally are available between stations and what is their route, schedule, and even fare, you can do so by using the form available at http://www.indianrail.gov.in/inet_Srcdest.html. Here there is no provision of entering any date. It means only the reserved trains that run often between source and destination stations are shown.

Train between stations by SMS at Railway Mobile Number

Send  Sms TRNBT <Source> <Destination> to 54959 like shown below.

train among stations
find train by sms message
You can also use railway enquiry number 139. Now 139 service is also available at USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). Just dial *139# from mobile phone.

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