You can book tatkal etickets (railway tickets booked online) very easily on IRCTC online train ticket booking system. Tatkal tickets are the tickets booked under tatkal scheme of railway.

What are Tatkal tickets exactly?

As per Wikipedia "The Tatkal Scheme is a ticketing program established by Indian Railways. The scheme is used for booking journeys at very short notice. The Indian Railways introduced it in all forms of reserved classes on almost all trains in India."


While that was an introduction there are more facts and rules that you must know as a railway user before doing IRCTC tatkal booking online.

Booking Tatkal Tickets on IRCTC

Tatkal ticket booking process is easy (especially since railway booking system is upgraded to next generation eticket booking system). They can be booked both on irctc online train ticket booking system as well as on rail connect app.
  1. Login to your irctc account.
  2. Choose train available between your stations.  It is not necessary that booking under tatkal quota is available in all trains. So select your train carefully.
  3. Select "tatkal" under quota before proceeding to book railway tickets online. Train ticket booking online is easy as explained here.
  4. Enter passenger details of 4 passengers maximum.
  5. Pay and complete booking.
  6. If your ticket is not confirmed you will see waiting list status denoted by code "PQWL" (pooled quota waiting list). Know more about pnr status here.
  7. For faster booking of tatkal tickets (as time is of premium due to seat availability factor) we recommend you to do tatkal booking online using ewallet.
  8. If waitlisted (tickets having WL/pqwl reservation status code) tatkal ticket gets confirmed the confirmation message will be send on registered mobile number of user as well as on email id.
  9. If tatkal tickets are booked at a reservation counter, and your ticket is lost or stolen, duplicate tatkal ticket is not issued. Benefit of booking tatkal ticket on IRCTC is that even if you loose it you have details on your mobile phone which can be used for travelling. 

IRCTC Online Tatkal Ticket Booking Rules

  1. You cannot book tatkal tickets for First AC and Executive classes (except for Executive Class of Shatabadi Express trains where 5 seats per coach are earmarked as available for tatkal booking).
  2. You cannot avail any concession under tatkal quota.
  3. When you choose tatkal booking, ladies and general quota cannot be selected along with it.
  4. Fare of tatkal tickets is more than that of normal tickets. The Tatkal Charges have been fixed as a percentage of fare at the rate of 10% of basic fare for second class and 30% of basic fare for all other classes subject to minimum and maximum as given in the table on tatkal booking timings page.
  5. Tatkal E-ticket can be booked for selected trains one day in advance excluding date of journey from the train originating station. It can be booked on the opening day from 10:00 am for AC classes (2A/3A/CC/EC/3E) and at 11:00 am for Non- AC class(SL/FC/2S). e .g. if train is to depart from originating station on 2nd August, Tatkal Booking will Commence at 10:00 AM and for Non AC class will Commence at 11:00 AM on 1st August.
  6. Tatkal tickets will be issued for actual distance of travel, instead of end-to-end, subject to the distance restriction applicable to the train. The same Tatkal berth/seat may be booked in multiple legs till preparation of charts.For some trains/class/locations Tatkal quota may not be available. Please check the availability before booking.
  7. No refund will be granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets. For contingent cancellation & waitlisted Tatkal ticket cancellations, charges will be deducted as per existing Railway refund rules. Ticket depository Receipts (TDRs)  which you get after depositing your ticket at counter for cancellation (after train is departed) are not issued for tatkal waiting list tickets.
  8. There is no need to furnish ID proof at the time of booking tatkal tickets online. However you must enter the details of identity card which you will carry during your journey. The valid id proofs for travel (and must carry with your eticket) in Indian Railway (IR) are listed here.
  9. IRCTC agents/ authorized railway agents are restricted from booking tatkal ticket online between 10 am and 12 am.
  10. The facility of change of name is not permitted on the bookings made under Tatkal scheme.

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