Is it mandatory to carry an ID as a proof while travelling through Indian railways when you have booked a normal confirmed ticket through the counter?

As per Indian railway website passengers are required to carry one of the following ID's to be presented when demanded while travelling by train. These are:

1. Voter ID card,
2. PAN Card,
3. Driving Licence,
4. Photo identity card having serial number issued by Central/State Government,
5. Student Identity Card with photograph,
6. Nationalized Bank Passbook,
7. Credit cards issued by banks with laminated photograph,
8. Unique Identification Card "Aadhaar",
9. Photo identity cards having serial number issued by Public Sector Undertaking of State/Central Government, District Administration, Municipal bodies and Penchant Administration,
10. Passport

Even rashion card is accepted as a valid identity card in Indian Railways. If you don't have any Identity card you can apply online for Aadhar card at Unique Identification Authority of India here.

colorful voter id cards India
Do you know?: voter id cards can also be carried in railway as proof of Identity

But do you all have to carry the card? Do you also need it when travelling with general ticket i.e. non reserved ticket? We will answer these important questions here.

As per Indian railway rules only one of the passenger among all the passengers who are mentioned on a railway ticket need to carry identity card. However, if you have applied for any concession, like senior citizen concession or special concession like student concession, in addition to other passengers booked on a ticket, you will also need to carry your separate ID card. In case of senior citizens, the real age of a travelling passenger is determined using this card.

Before going further we take this opportunity to also tell you that railway is working on ticket less travel too. You already know that you can travel by using SMS send by railway on mobile. That works in case of railway reservation as of now. But in future you can also travel without purchasing a ticket in general class. Know more about it in: Travel in train without ticket using Aadhar card.

In case you have purchased a normal non reserved ticket, you don't have to carry the ID proof. However since these days you can also get a normal train ticket i.e. general ticket, online through internet, you need to carry ID in order to identify yourself if needed. 

In the end we would like to tell that it is always good to carry your ID card wherever you go. In particular you should carry your Aadhar card in your pocket or purse (if you are a women). Ladies can also make use of new railway scheme to get a lower seat (berth) while doing reservation.

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