Many people ask: How much refund will I get for cancellation of confirmed tatkal tickets? As per railways tatkal scheme and railway rules the refund which a buyer of a confirmed tatkal ticket gets on its cancellation is nil. It is already mentioned in new tatkal booking timings and refund rules.

But there is always an exception to a rule. Railway also keep changing it rules form time to time. Recently railway modified one such rule and here is an important update on tatkal rule.

So, Are there any special circumstances which enable a ticket holder of tatkal ticket to get complete refund when he presents his ticket for cancellation at railway counter?

train in India
A train in India with AMUL: Anand Milk Union Limited posters

And the answer is yes. Only in the following mentioned circumstance you will be eligible for complete refund on confirmed tatkal cancellation:

1. If the train is delayed by more than 3 hrs from its originating station. It means, train actually starts after a delay of there hours from its source station,

2. If railway changes the route of train and as a traveler you don't want to take on journey,

3. When a train route is diverted and the boarding and destination stations don't lye on the changed railway route,

4. If, for some reason, railway is unable to attach a coach of same class to train for which a passenger has purchased a ticket. It means when railway is not able to provide accommodation in travel class for which a passenger has paid, he can claim complete refund on tatkal cancellation.

5. Last case is where a passenger is seated on a class lower than for which he actually got a confirmed ticket under tatkal. In this case the difference of fare would be given.

So these are the only cases in which you'll get any refund if you cancel your confirmed tatkal ticket. Rules for wait listed and RAC tatkal tickets are similar to that on cancellation of train tickets. Read more about irctc cancellation charges here.

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