Today, Virat Kohli, the test captain of Indian team turns 28 years old. The happy birthday of Virat Kohli is celebrated with utter joy as people take it as opportunity to thank the golden boy for the laurels he has bring to the country.

But there are few secrets regarding virat kohli birthday. These secrets will be kept secrets unless someone like us reveal them. And make no mistake there are few cricketers of era's of 80's and 90's who don't want the secrets to get revealed. This is because they are jealous Virat Kohli. And we can understand why. When someone you tag as spoiled brat, comes up with stats like this you are bound to get jealous and suffer from inferiority complex.

Happy Birthday To You Virat Kohli

Secret 1: Playing aggressive cricket is best way of playing cricket. For years, Virat Kohli was criticized for being aggressive. But he has shown that playing with aggression brings more success than other wise. Over the time, the former cricketers wanted Indian players to play he boring brand of cricket, and wanted everyone to remain satisfied with boring draws, rather than go for victories like what Virat had done in Australia.

Secret 2: Personal life doesn't affect what you do on your field of work. Virat Kohli was criticized that he is too outgoing and it will definitely hamper him and won't allow him to play at his best in international arena. But he has busted another old theory. He has shown that remaining yourself, and to keep living in your own lifestyle actually get you to achieve success sooner than otherwise. He has shown that it is always better to be natural than showing artificial discipline or wide mouth.

Secret 3: Technique is overrated. Many experts claimed that he will be a failure in test cricket. They told us "cricket fans" that Kohli's technique is not correct and he will fail in Australia ACB cricket. But as secret got revealed, we know that Virat Kohli's performance on last tour of Australia was the best ever by any visiting player in history of test cricket.

We hope you enjoyed the 3 secrets of Virat Kohli's Birthday. We wish Virat Kohli best of luck and many happy returns on his birth day. We wish for more success in coming test matches.

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