Railway has added a new rule in its book which relates to allotment of lower berth seats to ladies. As per new rule "two senior citizen women will be allotted lower berth seats together in a train." This rule is also applicable to women above 45 years of age and pregnant women.

Even now railway has been giving preference to senior citizens and pregnant women when it comes to allotment of much wanted lower level berth in coaches. The only problem was that there was no provision of allotment of lower berth seats to a pregnant women and senior citizen ladies together in a same coach. This causes a problem to to the pregnant lady as well as other passengers travelling by train. Some ladies use special trick to get confirmed ticket with lower berth in train from irctc due to this problem.

ladies train black beauty
some countries run special trains like this black beauty for  pregnant ladies

It is to be noted that preference to pregnant women  doesn't mean that seats would be allotted when train is already full. Enough seats should be available in train when railway reservation is carried out. You can check the status of accommodation by going to irctc seat availability check page.

One has to welcome this step of railway. It is common to see ladies travelling with pregnant ladies trying to manage TTE's or other passengers to get a seat in train in same bogie in which pregnant lady is travelling. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The situation becomes very awkward many times as the problems faced by pregnant ladies needs requires special attention.

It is to be noted that new railway rule will come into practice only in new year. If nothing changes this senior ladies and pregnant women can take advantage of this rule starting January 2016.

Now the question arises what formalities you need to go through in order to take advantage of this rule. Nothing special really. You just need to show your age proofs at the time of reservation and during the journey, as you would normally do. Also anything, like a doctor's health checkup report etc, related to women pregnancy might be needed ( although this is not sure,as of now).

So this is really a good news for women who travel by railway.

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