There are over 5000 railway stations in India where Wi-fi is already installed. Those travelling by train make use of this railway wi-fi broadband network to connect to rest of the world.

Many of you may not know that access to internet at Indian railway stations is not only limited to railway users, but people living in nearby villages and towns can also use this facility.

Railway minister has hinted that by the end of this year about 6500 railway platforms in India will be digitized. Wi-Fi Internet and Automatic Ticket Vending Machines ATVMs will be installed on all of them.

We were among the first to report that around 400 railway stations will be wi-fi equipped in India. Process started with Google's Sundar Pichai met prime minister Narendra Modi few years back. Since than so many stations have been laced with internet facility. This is great progress.

Idea is to develop railway stations as centre of education and training. While many villages still have problem with electricity and access to other facilities, railway station is one place where you can expect 24 hrs power supply as well as facilities like drinking water and toilets.

Thus it is a very good idea to look railway stations beyond mere platforms to get into and out of train. Although what type of skill training can be imparted to children at railway stations is anyone's guess as of now. but possibilities are unlimited.

Surely students studying in schools in villages can get benefited a lot if railway allows them to use their premises. Good enough light with cool air from fan sometimes can make a difference.  Both of them are available on a railway station.

Automatic ticket vending machine
economic activities going on railway station

Now lets talk a bit about Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs). These machines have come to relief of day to day passengers especially those who travel in second class. Now one can book his own ticket without the need to stand in long queue.

ATVM works on touch screen system. Basically you just need to press on destination station on a map shown on screen. Than you select the number of  tickets you want to buy. Next fair is calculated and shown.
You pay the train fare. If you have cash  you can submit currency notes. Even coins can be submitted. If you have a railway card, you can put on a sensor on ATVM and money will be deducted automatically.

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