Presenting you Brand new Diwali and Dhanteras gift ideas. If you think they are bit expensive to gift away, than keep them with you, and just gift away the sweet box.

The gift items we have selected here are not only popular but also they will definitely make life easy for you or to the person whom you gift it.

Ok, let's get started:

1. Powerbank : Surprised? Well you might be. But guys believe it or no. One thing your friend want is a device to charge his/her phone anywhere, anytime, and one that can be carried easily. Powerbank is exactly that device.

We like this one, as it can power laptops, tabs, and many other devices including smartphones. Good looking too.

2. Watch: This is a traditional gift and has been a hit from many years. While you can know time by looking in your phone, a wrist watch in your hand makes you look classy. If people don't take you seriously, try go out with wrist watch in your hand, and notice change in the way how people address you. You look more professional.

This one looks perfect.

3. Mixer Grinder: Do you want to please your boss? Food processor is 'the' gift because it will please you bosses wife. If wife is pleased, now way boss is not pleased. It works every time, because it eases the work of wife.

Choose a good quality one. Like this one. It does gringing, blending, juicing, chopping. A true all rounded gift.

4. Dinner/Crockery set: They say if you want to make place in the heart of someone the shortest route is through food. But friends it doesn't matter how tasty or how healthy a food you serve, if it is served in those old utensils it will not going to impress your guests that much.

This is again a classical gift popular from many years on Diwali occasion. We found a real good crockery set, which has copper coating. Look at this one here.

5. Showpiece: Showpieces come in wide variety. They are perfect for gifting. In fact, its almost a ritual to bring home at least one new showpiece every diwali/ deepavali festival. There is such a huge variety. Somehow, I like this one. This horse showpiece, as per fengshui, brings prosperity, mobility, promotion, growth, success, and victory to you and to you your business. That is what we all definitely want. Don't we?

6. Razai Set: Winters are fast approaching. In fact festival of  Diwali and Dhanteras signal the arrival of winter in India. Why not make dhanteras an excuse to bring home a really good quality Razai (quilt) to help us and our family protected from cold. Jaipur, the pink city is famous for its light weight fluffy feathery quilts. And that is what exactly is our gift idea too.

7.Wall Paintings: Paintings add life your home. Nothing better than a positive piece of work reminding you everyday that there is something really good going to happen. They are some of the most beautiful gifts you find anywhere. There are thousand of painters who have millions of ideas, and hence billions of paintings. Few good ones are listed here.

8.Flowerpot: A study has that a bunch of flowers presented to someone make you instantly admirable in his/ her eyes. Not only it sends positive signals but whoever receive flowers from you starts trusting you much more. Flowerpots are quite inexpensive and good gifting material.

9. Vacuum Cleaner: Swatch bharat abhiyaan (Clean India Movement). Start by keeping clean your own home and the homes of your friends. This will really be good addition to all the useful items you already own. Eureka forbes vacuum cleaners are considered to be of best quality. We like this one since it cleans both dry and wet malice.

10. Books: Books are true friends as you know. reading books opens up your mind. it helps in refreshing your life. You can select any book for yourself from flipkart book store.

Of course, these are not the only things you should consider for gifting on Diwali. If you are still wondering what should I bring for myself this Dhanteras 2019, you should consider some of these items available online.

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