Flipkart Books store has collection of books in two formats - paperback and ebook, of different types by many authors. If you are a voracious reader and a book lover, the book store of flipkart.com is the right place for you to find the best books online. Among huge collection of flipkart books you will find all the books - latest, popular, and bestseller books, the sort of books that readers in India look forward to have in their own collection.

Flipkart Books Collection

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Need of Online Flipkart Books Shop

India is a huge country with big markets and stores but finding the book has always been a big problem. This is particularly the case in small town and cities where often a person has to order a book via his friends living in big cities aka metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.

flipkart books collection
If you don't know people living in metro cities, the only other option you are lefty with is to ask a local book seller to bring you a book. This means that book won't be available right now (which is not good) and that since it's a special order - you'll pay more.

But now it has all changed. The online shopping in India is getting popular by the day. People are making use of online shopping apps, like this flipkart app to buy things online. The products are now easier to get at home. Just order online and receive your ordered items at home.

Students and job seekers, in particular are very excited about the new ease at which books can be bought for studying and preparation of competitive exams, like bank PO and clerk exams, by placing order online at flipkart.com/books.

Flipkart Books Categories

As mentioned before, books of all types and sizes are available on Flipkart. There are about 29,889 Indian Writing books (i.e. the books written by Indian authors) available for sale, published by several Indian publishers, at the time of writing of this article. It can be extremely difficult to find the right book  

So that it is easier to find your book, the one you are searching, we have listed the categories of books available for online buying:
  1. Academic and Test prep: these books are popular among school and college students and graduates looking to prepare for preparation of exams like engineering entrance, medical entrance, and CMAT, GMAT, IIT, IIM, PET,AIPMT, MBA, NMAT, SAT, GRE, MCA, Bio Tech selection test and competitive exams.
  2. Coffee Table: This category is interesting one and contains fiction and non fiction books.
  3. Biographies and Autobiographies: Users who want to know about a life of a popular personality can search among biography books.
  4. Business, Investing, and Management: This contains wide variety of books on market investment, business administration and management, books on which stocks to buy, market strategy, promoting and growing business etc.
  5. Children books: novels for kids, comics, jokes, hobby books.
  6. Travel, outdoor and nature books: Travelers looking for holiday destinations, places of interest, local information, where to eat and stay, travelogues and guides can search a book in this category of books.
  7. Self Help: these books are "how to types" of books which provide step by step instruction to do a thing like how to fix a date, or how to make tasty Indian food, or even better how to make money on internet.
  8. Others: reference books, philosophy, humor, family and relationships, spirituality, software and programming languages and many others.
The above list of book categories is not by any means a complete list. Books can also be electronic books and audio books. 

To make it even more easier for you to search a book, Flipkart.com itself provides you options to filter and sort books using parameters such as - featured, popular, high price, low price, and discount. These are very handy options for mining out low cost yet popular books among so many books.

The discount books option is our favorite, obviously!

Flipkart as a book selling company

Flipkart as online book seller company ensures that only best books are listed on their site. All the sellers are expected to adhere to certain guidelines when they sell their books through Flipkart.com.

In a recent interview a Flipkart's spokesperson said -

"We take strict action against sellers who attract negative feedback about their service or are found to be engaged in selling products that are fake, in violation of copyright or any other applicable laws of the land."

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