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bestseller books in India right now

#1. The immortals of Meluha  Buy Here.

An awesome read by author Amish. Anyone interested in Indian mythology should give it a try. You are sure to connect with the characters. The book demands that the reader disassociate THE Lord Shiva from Shiva the Individual, which is one of the most fascinating part of the book.

#2. The World's Best Boyfriend Buy Here.

A masterpiece from the author Durjoy Dutta. Book highlights many important aspects about love, hate and relationships in life. This book is so much different from the ones we are used to. It is full of intensity and the main characters, Dhruv and Aranya seem to somehow get pulled towards each other by a magnetic force. Too much passion between the two and only the two of them seem to keep each other sane or on their toes.

#3. Who will cry when you Die Buy Here.

Author Robin Sharma has done a masterful job here. The book forces one to do self introspection within one self, and how to do it. Recommended for everyone who says we don't have time for our self. This is not a book but a manual which has the power to turn the negatives of your life into positives if implemented.

#4. Dream with Your eyes open Buy Here.

Authored by Ronnie Screwala -India's first-generation entrepreneur. This book is a guide for the next generation of entrepreneurs to learn from and get inspired by. The book will encourage the youth of India to pursue their dreams, and in doing so, devote their energies to find innovative ways to build better lives for millions of Indians.

#5. Go Set a Watchman Buy Here.

New novel from author Harper Lee. Go Set a Watchman is set during the mid-1950s and features many of the characters from To Kill a Mockingbird some twenty years later. Scout (Jean Louise Finch) has returned to Maycomb from New York to visit her father Atticus. She is forced to grapple with issues both personal and political as she tries to understand both her father’s attitude toward society, and her own feelings about the place where she was born and spent her childhood.

#6. My Clingy Girlfriend Buy Here.

Author Madhuri Banerjee  ahs come up with Crispy masala strory about a man from a womens point of view.Interesting and fun to read. This story is about a Bengali bachelor Obrokanti Benerjee and his girlfriend Radha. As stereotypical as it might sound, she is very clingy and possessive on him. She checks all his phone contacts and messages, deletes his whatsapp messages, deletes his facebook profile out of suspicion, always checks on his whereabouts and accompanies him to boys night-outs.

#7. The beat goes on Buy Here.

Short and interesting detective stories from author Ian Rankin. There are 29 stories, ranging in length from a few pages to near-novella, but with most falling into the 20-40 minutes-to-read zone, so perfect bedside table material for late-night reading. There is also an interesting essay at the end where Rankin tells the story of how Rebus came into existence, which gives us some biographical snippets into how Rankin himself became a crime writer.

#8. A clutch of Indian Masterpieces Buy Here.

Extraordinary short stories by the author David Davidar from 19th century to the present. Superb collection of Indian stories. All stories are better and interesting than the other. Story - Kanishk Tharoor's Elephant at Sea, demands special mention. It is the journey of an elephant - a gift for the princess of Morocco - from Kozhikode, Kerala to Rabat in Morocco. As the story advances, it transforms into a journey through the psyche of the elephant. It deals with the bigger issue, of relocation of the animal, from its natural habitat and its country; of loneliness, its love for water and the dream of lowering itself into mud at the end of the day. Nevertheless the animal adapts to its new environment, without protest. The consciousness of the loss of individuality does not daunt the elephant, which surrenders readily and ambitiously to a new lifestyle and a new identity.

#9. Granta 130 Buy Here.

This is a collection of fiction and non-fiction, in 288 pages by author Ian Jack. A refreshing feature of this collection is that even though the medium of expression is English but it is the Indian audience which is in mind of the writer. Ian Jack, the editor of this magazine in the Introduction says , ".. The Indian writer need no longer to look over his shoulder at his imagined audience abroad; many if not most of his readers are closer much closer- are Indian like him and need no telling about samosas.."

#10. The Way Things Were Buy Here.

Is a magisterial novel about the pressures of history upon the present moment. Set at flash points in 1975, 1984, 1992 and in modern Delhi, it has the epic reach and thrilling ambition and the potential to become a classic of its time. Author Aatish Taseer. Sharp mind, great narrative, stupendous reading. And this book is about roots, or about what happens to a person, and by extension a society, when it becomes culturally detached from its roots.

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