Indian railway stations will soon be laced with WiFi by Google. Google will give WiFi service on at least 400 railway stations in India where Wi-Fi zones would be set up for customers to connect online. This news has come across from America after recent visit of PM Narendra Modi to silicon valley.

bangalore railway station entry
Bangalore railway station in south india was the first in India with WiFi hotspots installed

Now question on lips of every Indian citizen is: "Which would be those 400 lucky railway stations where WiFi zone would be set up?" Everyone wishes his city station is the one that makes the list of WiFi enabled stations.

Actually any station can be converted into WiFi zone. But there are 7172 railway stations in India and it is not easy to determine where to provide wireless connectivity. The logical mind says:"Set up WiFi where it is needed most." And that is what Google is going to do.

It is decided that by the end of next year 100 most busy railway stations in India will have WiFi service. After that 300 more stations will be identified where the service can be used most effectively. It will be world's biggest public Wi-Fi project.

With the wifi hotspots available at station itself, it will bring big benefits to railway users. This will enable them to do many tasks without leaving the railway premises. For example, they can login to IRCTC  and check seat availability, PNR status, train between stations, book train train tickets etc. by using IRCTC connect app on their phones by using the WiFI internet connectivity.

+Sundar Pichai, a technology executive who is Product Chief at Google Inc and the next Chief Executive Officer of Google, was delighted with the plan. After his meeting with prime minister Narendra Modi, Pichai wrote in his blogpost "I am delighted to announce that railway stations of India will help millions of people to become online. Last year 10 crore users in India started using Internet for the first time." Sundar Pichai also said that on occasion of  prime minister visit to Google's US headquarter we announce the launch of public high speed wifi project on 400 Indian Railways stations.

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