Indian Railways has made several changes in timetable of many popular trains running between important stations in India. It is important for railway users that they know about the new changes that have been made to schedule of railway before they start their journeys towards the destinations. You can get train timetable here or at railway enquiry.

train behind schedule runs on water to reach its destination
Not only man but even trains can run on water in India! Incredible!

It is also for the second time in 2 successive years that railway has announced new schedule later than the scheduled date. It is a long followed practice that railway announces and publish trains at a glance (printed copy of railway timetable) at the beginning of month of July. But last year the new railway timetable was made public 1 month late and schedule came into effect in September and this year too it is done in October.

People will remember that this year no new train was announced in railway budget. Also there wasn't any train whose destination was extended. Railway minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu did promised that new trains would be introduced based on demands of public leaders and various passenger associations. In new timetable changes in terminals and in arrival and departure times of many trains have been made.  Thus it is necessary for people to double check the train times before leaving for journey.

Northern railways has shifted the terminals of many trains in order to manage the rush at stations. Similarly the changes in train routes have been made to accommodate maximum passengers from other stations. To know the trains in which these changes are made by northern railway go to Changes in the New Northern Railway Time Table Effective from 1.10.2015 and get the new schedule.

Western railways has also reduced journey times of many trains running on the routes which comes under their sections. The reduction in journey times, which spans from 2 hr 35 minutes to 10 minutes, of total of 42 trains have been made.

The journey time of train no. 12951 Mumbai Central - New Delhi Rajdhani Express is reduced by 25 minutes. This train will now depart from Mumbai Central at 5 pm instead of 4.35 pm and will reach New Delhi at 8.20 am instead of 8.40 am next morning.

Similarly, train no. 12952 New Delhi - Mumbai Central Rajdhani express will now take 20 minutes less to complete its journey. This train will leave New Delhi at its old time 4.25 pm but will reach Mumbai Central 8.15 am next morning instead of 8.35 as per old timetable.

Other important trains whose speeds have been increased and who will now take less time to reach their destinations can be seen at new main line time  table of Western Railway.

Southern railway, Eastern Railway, Central railway too have made changes to schedules of various mail/express and passenger trains of their zones. You can go to their respective websites and know the changes.

There have been some new trains that have been introduced by railway this year. Train no. 19063 Udhana-Danapur Bi-Weekly express will depart from Udhna station on each Tuesday and Saturday at 7.20 am and will reach Danapur station at 1.35 pm next day. On return journey, train no. 19064 will depart from Danapur on each Wednesday and Sunday at 4.40 pm and will reach its destination at 11.40 pm next day.

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