There is a train that runs between gorgeous valleys of Himachal Pradesh (HP) in India. The name of  the train is: "Shivalik Deluxe Toy Train". In its journey this train runs through incredible 102 tunnels and 900 mountain turns. Whole route is so beautiful that the itineration leaves tourist awestruck at times. This toy train actually looks like a kid's toy.

steam locomotive darjeeling himalayan railway
locomotive shunting before and getting ready for hilly journey ahead
The track between kandaghat and kanoh is both fascinating and dangerous. This is because hills are so close to the track that you can literally touch them with your hands. But you need to be careful. Any carelessness may cause serious injury.

shivalik express toy train route
one of the many beautiful cuves
Among 102 tunnels on this train route, tunnel no's 10, 33, and 91 are the longest. The gap between train and wall of these tunnels is very narrow. If you are planning to travel on train roof you should abandon your plans without even giving it a thought. Because that will mean that it is last journey of your life.

Bagor station is the major tourist attraction. It is considered as a heart of this route. Bagor and the three story bridge near Sanwara readily attracts tourists towards them. The sightliness of this place remain engraved in memories of visitors for lifetime.

beautiful valley
view of beautiful valley from window
The toy train is an identity of Darjeeling city and is listed among the world heritage sites. It is a big center of attraction for tourists visiting India. The train travels on narrow gauge track (railway-line) from Darjeeling to New Jalpaiguri railway station. Many tourists gather near railway track to spot the train to click photographs.

The timings of this train can be get from railway enquiry. On the other hand if yo want to book tickets you can contact IRCTC tourism. The details about irctctourism is given here.

train entering tunnel no. 10
train entering tunnel no. 10

If you want to climb up the tiger hill, then this train is the best option. You can fool your friends by just jumping out of train, as it chugs through tiger hill, and posting a selfie of you with tiger hill in the background. And you can actually jump up and down, since the speed of this is very slow. Sometimes it runs at 5 kph. Most people walk at that speed.

Travelling by this train is indeed a unique experience as it gives you unexplored pleasure. While the train moves slowly through very very high mountains the windy conditions adds their own taste to the whole thing.

golden sunrise kanchenjunga mountains
morning view of kanchenjunga mountain peak from train window

The sight of ice laden kanchenjunga montains is something to behold. As the train turns and twists through foothills of kanchenjunga the color of terrain changes every minute due to change in intensity of sun rays falling on it. This site comes when  You won't stop clicking your camera. Rest assured about it.

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