Mar 7, 2015

Toy Train - A Perfect Gift For Kids

If you are confused about what to gift to your kids on their birthday's, then consider no other item than a Toy Train. It is a dynamic moving gift that will make your kids happy, and keep them focused and concentrated.

Have a look at this one - a toy train track with tunnel and station (see, it's really good)- one of the best gifts you could give your child. Wonderful ! wasn't it? No wonder it is already one of the most popular gifts among parents to present it to their cute kids. It is ideal for both boys and girls.

It is like bringing famous mountain railways of India at your home. Everyone is aware of happiness that a joy ride in Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and Kalka-Shimla Railway brings. Moving gifts - like a train running on a track, tend to keep kids involved more than the static gifts. Kids feel something is happening, and they are always happy with it, especially the next generation (modern) kids. Also it will make children learn to sit in a place for a while, which can save you a big headache caused by their uncontrolled movements, here and there.

typical pieces in toy train

The best thing about this gift is that it is easily operable. One can start and stop the train with easy on/off switch. You can always take out batteries in case your kid insist too much about using it.

There are many variations available including - railway simulators, trains with light sound and smoke, express electric toy, train rail set with detachable engine, and even a toy simulating high speed metro with flyover track (a bit like Delhi Metro/ Mumbai Metro). There is plenty to choose among model railroad sets.

You can also gift a railway construction set game. A construction train set game let children know the whole process of construction Site. A battery operated train set will keep your kids engaged in laying racks. The chimney fumes white smoke when operated.

Not only these are easy to play with, these toys can be made to look new and exciting using add on's.
As a parent you can buy new railway tracks on which your toy train can move differently that what it is doing now. There are many types of tracks available to support  your toy, like railway crossing with right hand curve, left hand curve, magnetic uncoupler under track, left hand diamond crossing, and more.

railway tracks

It is advisable that you go for a long track railway set. Kids want to enjoy their toy in action for long and don't want action to get over too quickly.

Toy trains even look good as a show piece. You can place it on a table cloth in your drawing room. It will surprise your guests a bit, yet at the same time they will appreciate how creative you are in decorating your home.

There are other benefits too. The movement of train on a curved line will make your kid follow it. This is a good exercise for eyes. Train running into tunnel and coming out of it, will help in brain development. The sudden disappearance of engine, when it enters into a dark tunnel, will make kid think about what will happen next. This will activate right brain, thus helping him to develop his creativity.