It's birthday time again, and your kid is waiting for a his gift, more than your hug. Be clear about it. Among many gift ideas, we are recommending gifting a toy train this time. Reasons will be clear when you read this article.

Actually we have done a bit of research on this. We have found that not only boy child but little girls too really like a view and sound of moving toy train running on tracks, inside their play rooms. They get completely in love with it (hence won't disturb you 😃).

This one is favorite of kids-

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If you live in India, and traveled a bit, there is every chance that you might have had a ride on one of the real toy trains of India. May be at your honeymoon. And if you did take a ride on one of those trains, it is no argument that you still can feel the joy and happiness it bought to you and your spouse.

That's how effective toy trains can be.

A toy train is actually a dynamic gift. It is not a boring static toy which your kid throws around. Toy train on the other hand is a moving gift. And they look cute too.

Kids feel something is happening and they are always happy with it. Old static toys are out of fashion especially in the era of next generation (modern) kids.

For little elder kids (10-14) years, there are advance model train sets that are also wonder for educating them. They tend to involve building railway tracks and operating trains. Children learn to organize things and it require putting in some brain too.

While the train is moving, it actually does a very good job of making your child learn to sit in a place for a while. It is so engaging that your kid is totally into it after sometime. He doesn't throw it around since it is automatically going from here to there.

The reason why kids throw around those stationary toys is because they wan't to see them in action. They want to make them do something.

In most cases though, as you are well aware, they end up breaking those toys or hurt themselves.

Toy train is a great birthday gift in this sense. Kids like them, don't really throw them around (because it's a moving toy already), and hence you are a parent not only get the engaging toy for your kid, but also the one which becomes naturally unbreakable.

Toy trains even look good as a show piece. You can place it on a table cloth in your drawing room. It will surprise your guests a bit, yet at the same time they will appreciate how creative you are in decorating your home.

There are other benefits too. The movement of train on a curved line will make your kid follow it. This is a good exercise for eyes. Train running into tunnel and coming out of it will help your kid to develop alertness, to remain aware, and all this will help in his brain development.

The sudden disappearance of engine, when it enters into a dark tunnel, will make kid think about what will happen next. This will activate right brain thus helping him to develop his creativity and imagination.

The more we talk to people the more benefits we get to know. Toy trains are not bad gifts at all.

So are you ready to present it to your children this time? Are you ready to bring smile on their faces? Here are wonderful gift-able toy trains.

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