If you are a touring party or a small to large group of people who have planned a tour together and want to book seats in bulk, then Indian Railways FTR (Full Tariff Rate) registration service is just right for you. It allows booking coaches/ trains well in advance of journey date and allows parties to do reservation at reasonable rates. FTR registration can be done maximum 6 months in advance and minimum 30 days prior to journey date.

Full tariff rate for booking bulk tickets is usually used when number of passengers are relatively large, for example: 40-50 or more. If you have around 20 or so passengers looking for bulk booking tickets, you should opt method explained at booking more than 6 passengers at once in railway.

Also see - IRCTC Login Registration for railway booking.

irctc ftr service home page

Currently the FTR is a pilot project and works only for trains running under Western Railway Zone. It is likely to be useful when people travel on special occasions such as to attend a wedding ceremony and know well in advance the schedule of the program. In future, railway is planning to implement the scheme in all railway zones.

The registration for this service can be done either online on IRCTC or parties can go to UTS (Unreserved Ticket Service) counter. Parties have a choice of booking coaches or trains. For coach booking a party can book maximum 10 numbers of coaches on FTR in a train in one tour program and registration amount for booking of a coach up to 7 days of tour journey period is Rs.50,000/- per coach. Beyond 7 days of tour journey period, additional Rs.10,000/- per day/per coach will be payable and added in registration amount.  

In case of train booking, a Party can book maximum 24 coaches in FTR train including 2 SLR. Two SLR coaches are mandatory. Registration amount for booking of a train is amount for minimum of 18 coaches (including minimum two SLR coaches) and up to 7 days of tour journey period is Rs.900,000/-. Beyond 18 passenger coaches, additional Rs.50,000/- per coach will be added in the registration amount. For tour period beyond 7 days, additional Rs.10,000/- per day per coach will be added in registration amount.

For information about cancellation, payment, availability of coaches and how to do registration for FTR on UTS, kindly read the terms and conditions for full tariff rate services on Indian Railway website. 

How to Register on IRCTC FTR Service

Users please note that you can't login with your current irctc login registration of www.irctc.co.in for booking FTR trains. You have to do the new registration by following the steps below. Only those who have a PAN card number can do so.

Step-1.  Go to 'ftr.irctc.co.in', which is the IRCTC FTR service page. Click on 'register' button to start the registration process.

Step-2. You will be taken to ftr user registration page where you enter your details. Start with choosing an available username which should be between 3 and 10 characters in length with no spaces. Fill in all the mandatory fields like Email ID, Cardholder's first name, PAN card number, last name, address, pin code, city, state, country, mobile number. Next comes two important fields - party type, and party sub type. In party type choose 'public', and in party subtype choose one of India tourist, foreign tourist, or general, whichever is appropriate/ applicable to you. Click on 'register' again.

ftr user registration page

Step-3. You will get a confirmation message on your mobile phone and username and automatically system generated password in your email.

Please make sure that you change the automatic generated  password with new password by logging on to the irctc ftr login page.

Step-4. Your registration is complete. 

Please note that the registration of coaches/trains does not guarantee the supply of coaches/trains. This will be subject to the operational feasibility and availability of coaches.

For offline ftr registration party will go to CBS (Chief Booking Supervisor)/Station Master (SM) of journey commencing station and provide written request containing journey details for FTR booking. CBS will feed these details in FTR system. CBS will provide a system generated slip to the party. This slip will contain the reference number and registration amount payable by party. Party will go to UTS counter and will deposit the registration money against the reference number. After confirmation of payment, printed money receipt will be provided to party with a unique FTR number printed on it. Party will go to CBS with this FTR number. At CBS counter, party can request and get a printout of his request details by providing the FTR number.

FTR service cancellation/ refund

In case of cancellation, either by party or by railway, refund will be processed as per existing manual process through Chief Commercial Manager (PM). The cancellation and refund will be done manually, as of now, even if the service is availed online.

For more updates it is recommended to user to keep visiting this page regularly on 'www.indianrail.gov.in' site.

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