An interesting event occurred on the morning of Feb 7, 2015 when a train crashed into stuck crane at the level crossing that caused more damage to the locomotive then the crane.

damaged train engine after accident with crane near jodhpur

Train no.14706 left Bahagat Ki Kothi station at 9.55 am. Around 11 am near Asarnada Railway station, Rajasthan, a crane failed while crossing over an unmanned railway crossing. Watching a fast train speeding towards him, the driver of the crane ran towards the train trying to signal the loco pilot to apply brakes.

Since the next station Merta Road was some distance away, the driver of the train engine was running the train at smashing speed of about 90 kmph. Soon he saw the crane from distance and even though he applied the brakes, the train could not be stopped. The impact was such that the crane was dragged for about 250 meters from the crossing point where it failed. Seeing the accident the crane driver fled away.

But what happened was something surprising. Everyone thought that crane would be shattered more than the diesel loco. Instead an opposite materialized. The locomotive's face was defaced and crane kept a good shape. There were hundreds of passengers inside the train who were shell shocked when they climbed off the bogies to take notice of what happened.

After about couple of hours a new engine was bought from nearby station to pull the train, so that it reaches the destination. As per latest news, the police who came to spot, still hasn't been able to find the crane driver who is hiding somewhere in jungle.

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