It is clearly mentioned on Indian Railway Reservation form that maximum permissible passengers is six per requisition (except in case of tatkal tickets), than how can one do booking for more than 6 passengers in case it is required?

Well, if you are at railway counter you can ask your relative or friend to fill up another reservation form. You can book as many passengers as you want using this technique.

space for 6 passenger on irctc online booking

Only problem with above approach is that the berths may be allotted in different coaches and some of the passengers may get a confirmed ticket while others might get a waiting list ticket.  Other problem is you will need to pay charges for booking two (or whatever number of forms you submit) tickets, which will cost heavily on your pocket. See irctc booking charges.

So, is there any simpler and cheaper solution? Is it even possible to do booking of more than half a dozen passengers at once in Indian Railway?

Yes, it is possible! Nothing is impossible.

But you will need to make more efforts than what you normally do.

This is what you will need to do:

Number of Passengers More Than 6 Less Than 18

  • fill the reservation form with train number, train name, reservation from station, reservation up to station as you would normally do. On the left side of this form (or wherever you find space) write complete address and your mobile number.
  • At a space where you enter passenger details, don't fill anything. Instead write "List Enclosed".
  • Prepare a list of passengers on separate sheet of paper with all the passenger details like name, age, gender, and other passenger details.
Now write a letter addressing Chief Reservation Supervisor (CRS) of railway. 

In letter request him to do bulk booking. Also clearly mention the reason why you want to do booking for more than 6 passengers at a time.Attach reservation form, passenger detail sheet, and letter together. Make 2 photocopies.

Go to the concerned railway officer for approval. Once he approved go to booking counter with one copy. Your booking should be processed.

Number of passengers are more than 18

Address your letter to The Commercial Manager Railway (TCM). He has the authority to allow booking of more than 18 passengers one PNR (Passenger Name Record).  Rest of the process is same as explained above.

Still want more booking (like 100 passengers)? In such cases we will recommend you to try out full tariff registration scheme for bulk train ticket booking.

Q. Can I book more than 6 passengers on IRCTC at once?
A. No. At the moment IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) only allows booking of max 6 passengers in quotas other than tatkal. In tatkal booking maximum of 4 passengers per PNR are allowed to be booked at once.

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