Picture this crazy scene. You go to Irctc's login page in rush hour traffic. Somehow you are able to sign in successfully, and you check the availability of seats in your favorite train. You find that enough seats are available and suddenly you see a message "You are logged out, sign in again to continue."

Suddenly bells start to ring in your head. You start thinking - "What if the seats are consumed before I am able to start booking again". Now imagine you are able to login quickly again. This has happened because your browser is able to remember your username and password and you were not required to type in those details. But then another thing happens - power goes off. And now your doubt's about not successfully booking a ticket online are looking more justifiable. On top of that suppose that this is no ordinary reservation. You are booking a tatkal ticket and online window opens for just a bit. You are now sure that you have no chance of buying a ticket.

The the most unbelievable thing happens. You receive a message from IRCTC congratulating you that your ticket is booked successfully and along with it your journey details too are printed stating the pnr number, coach and seat number, date of journey and departure time, and CF (confirmed) as reservation status. You can't believe your luck. All of a sudden your facial expressions have started to change. Now you have a big smile on your face.

How is this possible, you wonder?

This is how it happened with Ragini ( a girl whose mms are popular, by the way). She told to her very best friend that "I am going to make my trip to Mumbai, on Feb 14, 2015". Her friend sighting the busy schedule of Ragini decided to help her out by booking the railway ticket for her. Here is how Ragini's friend look like. Pretty cool! Yeah!

ragini mms two
friend of ragini who booked her a train ticket with success

He followed the irctc online ticket booking page and quickly gained knowledge about booking train tickets on computer. Within minutes he was able to book a confirmed ticket for her friend.

The moral of the story is that - don't stop yourself from telling to your best friends that your are going out for a journey on certain date. If possible, tell about the transport you would like to use, such as train, or flight. You never know. Your best friends might just help you out in booking ticket successfully.

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