Most users are facing the problem where the money is getting debited from their bank's account yet the railway tickets not getting booked on website. Rightly customers are worried about it, wondering what will happen to their hard earned money. Will IRCTC ever refund it back to them, will tickets get booked on later date, or have they wasted their time and money trying to book tickets online.

Users needs to understand that no website out there is perfect. But IRCTC has been around for many years now and has earned the respect of online users as one of the best websites for doing online railway reservation. You can trust them to have measures in place to safeguard the hard earned money of users.

The situation where money is debited but ticket not booked arises due to certain complexities involved during online payment process. Lets understand what causes this situation to materialize, before learning how this problem can be solved.

The online payment at IRCTC involves complex system of technical and telecommunication networking integration between customer’s Internet bandwidth, IT system of banks and payment gateways and is dependent on internet connectivity across various constituents. Any failure or delay in this complex network may cause transaction failure before completion.

Just have a look at how a typical payment gateway works.

irctc payment gateway
payment gateway working

Now that you know the cause of problem, it's time to get solution.

Luckily the solution already exists. As it is mentioned earlier that we can trust IRCTC to have concrete measures in place to safeguard the user interests. 

First of all you need to login to your account and go to profile section. There you'll see "My Transactions" section. You will see one of the two status messages,shown below. The action taken depends upon the status message.

  1.  Payment settled but ticket not booked:  the main reason for this situation is network failure. You make payment from bank, and just after that your internet connection is disconnected resulting in a network failure. Other reason could be that the passenger opted for particular berth at the time of booking and ticket not book due to chosen berth not available. In this case, IRCTC credit back the amount to the respective bank the next day. The bank then credits back the amount within 2-3 working days in account through which booking was done.
  2. Payment settlement failed and ticket not booked: this happens due to system or network failure at bank's end or at Payment Gateway (PG) end before remitting ticket amount to IRCTC. In this case amount is not credited to IRCTC account. The money remains with the bank which it refunds after due verification.
It should be clear now that in no scenario user should be worried about the loss of money. If you feel a bit restless you can always send mail to or contact at customer care numbers:
Delhi 011-39340000, Chennai 044-25300000.

You can also avoid the situation entirely by passing the payment gateway. This is explained in our extremely popular article how to do fast tatkal booking using IRCTC eWallet.

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