Human being make mistakes, and mistakes do happen. But sometime small mistakes lead to disastrous consequences. This is especially true when your name spelling is printed wrong on a document issued by a govt agency. Your railway ticket too falls in this category.

Many people take the wrongly printed or wrongly spelled name on their railway ticket lightly. Their past experience tells them that it is not such a major worry. Incorrect Spelling on Indian Railway Ticket is a Big Mistake.

But as you read along, you will find why you should not take wrongly spelled name on your railway ticket lightly, and how it can create trouble for you on a bad day. You will understand completely, as to why you should make sure that your name spelling is correct on railway ticket as you take your journey.

Most times the spelling is right on ID proof, and that Traveling Ticket Examiner (TTE) can identify the right passenger by tallying the face of passenger with photo on valid original id proof, people think that it really doesn't matter whether their name is correct or incorrect,  as it doesn't affect the continuation of journey, and their isn't any penalty either.

While the above scenario holds true for most occasion, sometimes such careless attitude can drag you into troubled waters too.

Remember, it is you who are filling up the railway reservation form. In case of online railway booking, it is 'you' who enter the passenger details, and it includes your name too. So any mistake in name spelling is because of you. A railway TTE has every right to mark your ticket invalid. That it doesn't often usually, is just a plain luck. Their could be a firm TTE that will not listen to you and penalize you.

Now comes the second scenario. Suppose you have booked ticket not online, but at railway reservation counter. You have done everything right. You filled the form with correct spelling of your name, but the clerk responsible for feeding your data into railway reservation system has made a mistake, and that's what has caused the wrong spelling. You would say, "No way I am responsible for this".

You are partially true. But are you aware that at every reservation counter of Indian railway it is written that 'please check your details before leaving the counter'. Thus, even if it's the mistake of railway staff, it's your responsibility to bring the mistake into his notice immediately so that he can correct it right there.

But still, in most cases, even if you don't make your name spelling correct on your railway ticket, you can complete your journey, without any trouble. Unless, it's a major mistake, of course.

Now let us consider a serious issue. Suppose, unfortunately your train met accident. Or suppose the train is terminated or cancelled for some reason. In such cases, Indian railway pays compensation to travelers.

In the world of computerization, the list of beneficiaries is generated through a computer. The bank cheque generated would have exact same name as what was fed into reservation system at the time of ticket booking. If GUARAV was entered instead of GAURAV, the cheque will be generated in the favor of GUARAV (wrongly spelled name).

You are intelligent enough to imagine what sorts of problems it can create for you. Apart from financial loss, it can further disturb you or your relatives, who will need to write application and go around railway offices to explain the case in order to get the rightful compensation.

Also, if you have traveled anytime in near past, you would be aware that railway is providing insurance to passengers along with their ticket. This is to safeguard the family of a passenger in case any mishap occurs. If you have ever purchased an insurance policy, and made a claim, you would know how strict and particular insurance companies are on every minute piece of detail provided by you before processing your claim. In 99 percent of cases they will take up this point (of wrong name) and would not grant you the benefit that you deserved. You might have to go to court. Again, an unnecessary waste of time because of a small mistake on your part.

See this ticket with wrongly spelled passenger name, who opted for insurance. This will create problems when something bad happens, a train accident for example, at the time when the dependents make claims.

railway ticket with passenger name
railway ticket with wrongly spelled passenger name

Don't you think by traveling on a ticket which has your name written with wrong spelling you are opening up a scenario to make things more difficult for your loved ones?

And it is very easy to avoid the wrongly spelled name being written on your railway ticket. First, if you are booking your rail ticket online, check it twice before submitting the form.

In case of window reservation check the ticket before leaving the counter and get the name spelling corrected if it is wrong.

Even then, if  you realize that your name written wrong, you can go to nearby railway station and request the concerned railway staff to issue you fresh ticket with correct name. You can also change the passenger altogether, if you want. This is as per railway rules.

Clearly, when it is that easy to get your name corrected, it is no excuse to travel on an Indian Railway ticket having wrong spelling of your name.

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