Many times you experience that a train is running behind its regular schedule. You reach railway station as per departure time of the train which is stated on your railway ticket, only to find that a train is running late. Now you can claim and get compensation if train is running late compared to its schedule.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, train no. this and that, scheduled to arrive at this and this time, is running late by this many hrs. Trains is expected to arrive at this time," you must have heard that through railway announcement system at the station. These announcements come one after the another, and you are left waiting to commence your journey.

train running late behind schedule
Scene at a Railway Station in India, when a passenger train running late (behind schedule) finally arrives on platform

Most of you don't even complain. May be you say some harsh words, curse the railway system in India, but you somehow convince yourself to wait without feeling need to register a complaint for the loss of your valuable time.

How many of you even considered asking for compensation for a train delay?

If you haven't done it, don't think you are alone. Almost 99 percent of railway users are like you. But some are different.

Recently, a consumer court has directed the IRCTC to pay a compensation of Rs. 7,000 along with ticket and RTI costs to a Thane resident for his sufferings due to the rail corporation’s deficient service in giving wrong train schedule to him.

Read the complete story about compensation due to wrong train schedule here. This story tells you, and makes you aware, that you have certain rights of your own. Your time is important and no one has any right to just play around with you just like that.

Trains running late can have a bad effect on your life. It is a kind of chain reaction. You wait for a train to arrive on time, It doesn't arrive. You take another train, a slow passenger, and travel in unreserved class, amidst discomfort, and reach your destination not on schedule. You miss important meeting or miss a connecting train, all because of your original train running not as per schedule. You pay heavy price due to train schedule going haywire.

You shouldn't take that on the chin, just like that. Make railway and IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) pay to you. Ask for a compensation. It's your right.

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