Booking ticket in advance is always a good habit. But how much days in advance can one book a railway ticket in India? When the advance booking for a train opens in India? All these are important questions, answers of which are must in order to get confirmed railway tickets at right time, without risking the availability of seats (for reservation in a train) to become nil.

Advance Reservation Period in Indian Railway

Advance Reservation Period (ARP) is the period which tells the number of days before which one can do railway reservation.

The ARP period in India, as per latest railway reservation rules given on Indian Railway site i.e., is 120 days.

indian railway
A train of Indian Railway advancing towards its destination through thick green forest, running on the curve

What does it means?

It means that one can go to railway ticket window or login to irctc login page and start booking seats in a train.  ARP is in relation to the date of journey from train originating station. In case of some Inter-city day trains, the ARP is less.

Benefits of Booking Railway Tickets in Advance

There are many benefits of advance railway booking:
  • You get a confirmed ticket (100 percent chance)
  • You avoid paying higher charges for tatkal (see tatkal booking timings) and premium trains.
  • You get a ticket in a class of your choice.
  • You avoid risk of getting a waitlisted or RAC ticket.
  • You get time to plan your journey early.
  • You get time to cancel your railway ticket and even reschedule your tour if need be.
We recommend all the railway users to book their seats in railway, as early as possible, and make best use of 120 day (or 4 month) advance reservation period.

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