If you have already logged in to your computer and opened up IRCTC for doing railway booking, accept bit Congratulations.Booking railway tickets online (by paying money online), has enormous benefits as compared to buying railway tickets at counter in cash.

Listed below are some of the major benefits that you enjoy as a railway user when you pay for railway tickets using online transactions:

Insurance of 20 lacks: Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley has announced that all the users who pay online for railway tickets will get free insurance of Rs 20 lacks along with ticket booking. The step is taken to encourage digital transactions and is seen as one of the step towards making India a cashless (or less cash)economy.

railway online transactions
IRCTC has comprehensive features to aid online booking and transactions

Half a Percent Discount: Citizens of India, if you buy your railway urban tickets online and pay online too, you will get a 0.5 percentile discount. Not a bad idea to buy online.

Comfortable and Easy Booking: You can do online railway booking easily and comfortably by logging on to Indian Railway Catering and Tourism (IRCTC) site irctc.co.in, or by using irctc mobile app on your smartphone. If you are not used to booking railway tickets online, this online railway booking guide explains you how to do online booking on irctc in 3 steps. You don't have to worry about how you will reach on ticket window earliest to book your seats. You can login to IRCTC anytime you wish.

Easy Cancellation and Refunds: Railway tickets that you book online can be cancelled easily too, just by a click of a button. Your refund will be automatically credited back to your bank account within few days after deducting cancellation charges.

Multiple Secure Payment Options: There are multiple options available to you to do payment online. And it is safe too, since you don't have to worry about pickpocket. You can pay for railway ticket by Paytm, use internet banking, credit and debit cards, use rupay prepaid card for fast transactions. Don't forget IRCTC e-wallet.

Modern Booking System: When you login to irctc.co.in you are booking your tickets on one of the most modern railway reservation system in the world. There are solid reasons why it is called the next generation eticketing system. You can find trains, check availability of seats, see train schedule and route, all from within the single platform.

Free: Now the best part. You get all the above services for free. There are no charges for registration on irctc. So what are you waiting for? Signup for railway online booking on IRCTC  now.

These benefits are there to be taken advantage of. Share the word. Let's help govt towards making India truly a cash less economy by promoting online transactions.

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