It is not necessary that you follow this regularly, cancelling tatkal ticket, especially confirmed one's, requires deep introspection. I know you are wondering how cancelling tatkal tickets requires you to dig deep into your thoughts.

If you were to know that if you cancel your tatkal ticket now and get your money back, will you read this till the end.

Now Imagine, If there is no refund for the cancellation of a confirmed Tatkal ticket, why would anyone bother to cancel their Tatkal ticket?

There are some very important reasons why should you cancel your confirmed tatkal tickets even though you won't be refunded back by Railway or IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation).

So this is how it starts - You are the lucky one who has a confirmed ticket (railway tatkal ticket). You got it because you were intelligent enough to book your tatkal ticket at right time, and hence you got a confirmed reservation.

Now suppose, you change your plan. You don't wan't to bother carrying on with the journey anymore. Will you still go and cancel your tatkal tickets? Remember, you won't get any refunds as per existing railway rules, and would also incur cancellation charges.

All in all it seems, it won't be such an intelligent idea to do cancellation. But there is another side of the story. You can be a real hero. Yes, you can be a superstar. And it is possible all because of your decision to cancel a tatkal ticket. All this will become clear in just few minutes, till than imagine yourself as a big superstar.

immediate superstar like amitabh bachchan
you can become immediate superstar like amitabh bachchan by cancellin your tatkal tickets

This is what actually happens when you don't cancel your confirmed tatkal ticket, and don't take the journey either. The TTE (Ticket Travel Examiner) marks on the train chart "Not Joined". The seat is than allocated by him to anyone else who is looking for it. Anyone can approach a TTE on railway station and ask him if he can allot a seat into a reserved compartment. TTE, most times by taking some extra money, do allot it.

But there is a problem with how seats are allocated.

Don't you think it would have been right if the seat you left would have been allotted to someone having a waiting tatkal ticket?

There are many people who don't get a confirmed tatkal ticket and their only hope to get it confirmed is dependent on you. Ideally they should be the one's who should be getting a seat when you cancel your ticket. This can only happen when you go and cancel your ticket. 

When you do ticket cancellation the passenger reservation system updates the waiting list and the person at the head of a queue gets the seat. And you become a true superstar.

It's a question of morality here. By doing cancellation properly, you are helping India becoming corruption free. You are not allowing TTE's to take away someone's right to occupy a seat in train.

If you believe what has been said here makes sense, then go and share this information on tatkal cancellation with your friends, and be a superstar.

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