If you are planning to book railway tickets and time is precious for you and you want to ditch those long queues than you should look forward to do IRCTC login on the new 'IRCTC mobikwick' wallet that will book your tatkal and other general tickets in a blink of an eye.

Recently IRCTC has joined hands with Mobikwick who are new players in the field of providing online bill payment services and offers coupons and cashback too. It is a virtual wallet which lets you pay bills faster and smoother. This will be extremely useful for those railway users who use android phones for booking train tickets online.

irctc mobikwick
Mobikwick - fast, simple, hassle free payment of bills and railway tickets.

Now you must be thinking that IRCTC has already improved its ticket booking process and has made it faster by launching a new faster version, which we call IRCTC next generation website or NGET IRCTC in short, than what is the need of this extra step. How much faster do they want to run their ticket booking website. Isn't it waste of money? What has happened to fast servers that IRCTC added to their system few months back to aid quicker railway booking?

One will do well to remember that these days railway ticket booking on mobile is as popular, may be even more popular, than booking tickets online on computer or laptop. The next gen irctc is good for desktop users and really has made booking of railway ticket much smoother and faster process than before. What about those who want to book rail tickets using mobile phones?  They also need faster version.

Seriousness of IRCTC in providing faster ticket booking services can be gauged by various apps that they have launched over the pasty couple of years. IRCTC connect app is example of one such popular app that runs on android, windows and other OS too. But these apps also do have their limitations.

The limitation of IRCTC mobile apps is that they are designed to run on smartphones only. What about normal phones where these apps can't be installed and run? How can a person having a normal phone - which is not a smartphone, can use his mobile to buy a railway ticket online?

IRCTC thought about this problem long ago. Hence they came up with a mobile version of their their online ticketing portal. It is still available to use online. If you want to use it you can go and easily book your railway seat. More is explained about it in our introduction to irctc mobile ticketing site.

But on mobile ticketing site users face many problems. It takes much time to process the ticket booking request, especially while making payments, and as a result may a time a seat already gets occupied or a ticket is not booked and transaction gets failed. During the time of tatkal ticket booking any delay in booking can be the difference between whether you get a confirmed ticket or not. And this is where dedicated online payment gateways like 'paytm' can help in reducing ticket booking time. 

If you are still wondering that why should you be using 'Mobikwick' for railway ticket booking, you can read our featured article - why use paytm for irctc railway booking payment to know the reasons and advantages of doing so. All eWallets serve the same purpose. They reduce the online train ticket booking time by speeding up the payment process.

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