The 10 digit PNR number on your railway ticket booked by IRCTC is a key to check your reservation status and avail other services offered by Indian railway.

What is your reservation status? Is your seat confirmed or you are still among the passengers who are waiting for confirmation?

All above questions can be answered if you just perform PNR status check. Just enter your PNR number (located somewhere on your railway ticket, mostly in top left corner) here.

In the image below we have encircled the exact location of your where PNR number is printed on IRCTC railway ticket.

location of PNR number on railway ticke
location of PNR number on railway ticket

The Passenger Name Record (PNR) number printed on your ticket is a unique number. Quote this number to check the status of your ticket.
Once you have done PNR enquiry and suppose your ticket is confirmed, it doesn't mean that now your PNR is useless. In fact this 10 digit PNR is a key to unlock many more wonderful services offered by IRCTC.

You can use this PNR number now to get breakfast, lunch, dinner etc.  The whole procedure on how to order food online and get it delivered on your seat is explained here:

  1. Go to website
  2. Enter your PNR number there
  3. You will have options to select food items and meals fro over 500 restaurants
  4. After selecting your meals, you need to place the order
That's it. IRCTC will track your seat/ berth based on your PNR number and deliver the hot and hygienic food right at your place.

confirmed IRCTC PNR status
get food if you have confirmed IRCTC PNR status

Ordering food was just one of the examples of how useful checking IRCTC PNR status can be.

Note that  the status of your PNR is dynamic. That is it keeps on changing from time to time. You can check the status from time to time or you can use IRCTC connect app or rail saarthi app to send you automatic reminders about the status of your PNR.

Your railway PNR can also have many statuses. Apart from Confirmed (CF), and waitlisted (WL), can/ mod status is another common one.

In future you will be able to avail many more IRCTC services using your PNR.  Booking lounge/ guest house, availing porter service, booking taxi from railway station to hotel, are just some examples of it.

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