Ranchi: To make your train journey safe and secure, ministry of railways and home ministry has combined and come to a decision which will make armed personnel in train in plain clothes to take on the spot action against the criminals. The trial has already begun in trains passing through Jharkhand, Bihar, and West Bengal.

railway police force
With new security arrangement the traveling passengers won't even know if the passenger traveling with them, sitting on a nearby seat, is a policemen or some other casual traveler. These policemen will be doing spying along with providing security.

To hide the identity of police personnel, the men will be rotated during the escort operation. Director General (DG) training of Bihar police has already given presentation on the matter in the recent meetings to discuss railway security. How different security forces would combine in coordination, communication, strategy, random escorting in trains, timely training, investigation and other points were discussed in great detail.

An interesting part is that, that even GRP (Government Railway Police) station, which is controlled by states, won't know about the position or location of railway security personnel. Is some untoward event happens the policemen will directly inform to control room. These control rooms would be under the charge of SP and officer in charge DSP ranked personnel.

The policemen will be armed with small weapon. A 9 mm pistol will be provided so that the security personnel can easily position themselves and do on the spot operation when need arise. This is expected to put lid on incidents of theft, robbery, and snatching in trains. Ladies will feel more secured to while traveling alone. The trials have been successful in Jharkhand and ministry of railways and home ministry are now ready to extend the deployment to rest of India.

It is clear that this is not just yet another railway security plan. Three forces, namely, RPF (Railway Protection Force), GRP (Government Railway Protection) force, and IB (Intelligence Bureau) will coordinate and exchange secret messages and intelligence between them to provide top notch security cover to the people traveling by train.

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