The IRCTC reservation system provides an excellent way to do reservation in railway using online method. The eTicketing system available at site can be used to reserve seats and buy rail tickets online. Not only reservation, but cancellation of reserved tickets can also be done online.

irctc-reservation site

First the user has to create a free account on ''. How to open account? Simply follow instruction on irctc registration for online ticket booking page. Any registered user then login to irctc to do reservation. Login is done when the user id and password entered by the user is authenticated by the system. Upon successful login, reservation can be done in any train of railway online.

IRCTC Reservation Important Points

While one can easily do reservation by following irctc online ticket booking in 3 simple steps, the most important points which one must not forget are -

  1. Seat availability at the time of reservation
  2. Checking the reservation status.
There is no point doing reservation when there is no seat available or when one is not sure about the accommodation available inside the train. Knowing how many seats are vacant in a particular class helps in making a better decision regarding which train one should select for doing reservation and which travel class one should choose. Sometimes seats may be available in 2nd AC while 1st AC is full. Those who just start to do online reservation without looking at status of seats availability might waste time in going for seats in first ac and in mean time the available seats in second ac also might get exhausted. Thus they won't be able to do reservation in any class. The seat availability in irctc reservation can be easily checked online by going to seat availability status checking page.

Just like seats availability should be checked at the start of reservation process, one must not forget to check the reservation status at the completion. Not all people who book tickets are allowed to travel in train. To get on board the ticket should be either confirmed of partially confirmed.

IRCTC Reservation Rules

Apart from above two points one must read the indian railway reservation rules and irctc rules and policies before doing the reservation. If you have further questions you can always ask us through comments. We have already posted most of the answers to your question in FAQS section. There you will also find answers related to cancellation of reservation and refunds.

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