Do you want to update or delete your registered mobile number on IRCTC website? If yes, than follow the steps below to quickly change or delete your existing mobile number on website. Within 1 minute you will be able to update your contact number.

First step is to login to IRCTC website:, and enter your username and password to enter into the online railway reservation system.

Next, select 'Update Profile' option from 'My Profile' menu item' (see the snapshot below):
irctc update profile
irctc update profile
Next, on 'Update User Profile' profile page scroll down to 'Mobile' field. You'll see your existing mobile number which you provided at the time of registration.

irctc mobile number
update/delete mobile number of IRCTC

Now, if you want to change your mobile number, delete the old number and enter the new mobile number.

You can make other changes to your profile too, like you can change the address, security question and answer, and you can also enter your Aadhar Card number (if you haven't already done).

Submit the form. You will be greeted with 'Profile Updated Successfully' message.

mobile updated successfully on irctc
mobile updated successfully
Note - You cannot leave the mobile number field blank. You either have to provide new number or completely delete your IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) online account.


Amar Bal said…
The mobile number that I want to update to is already registered and that account shows as deactivated. What should I do?
Gaurav said…
you can get your account working again. Just follow the steps here activate IRCTC account
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