Two things that will get you confused are that now you can throw off your Aadhar card and always get a confirmed ticket. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but read further and you know what it is all about.

Now senior citizens don't have to show off their Aadhar card at time of railway ticket booking. Indian Railways asks its customers, the passengers, to carry one of the valid identity cards when they travel. The rule applies for both online and offline reservation.

But the Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu, has mad it clear that senior citizens don't have to show their Aadhar card for claiming a seat i.e. for reserving a seat for themselves in a train. Only aaahar card number is required. However, this will come into force after few days when railway finishes preparing the database of Senior citizens.

aadhar card in India
senior citizens can quote aadhar number to get railway reservation

Indian railways is actually working on pre-verification process. Under this process a database of senior citizens will be prepared and verification will be done automatically.

The mover will also curb the malpractice adopted perfectly younger adults who claim seats in trains under senior citizen quota. Railways is also planning to introduce a TTE (travel ticket examiner) handle which can only be used by Railway's TTE to confirm tickets.

Also from April 1, if your waitlisted ticket is not confirmed i.e. PNR status in unconfirmed or is in waiting list, railway would see the seat availability status in other train from same station and if it is available a confirm ticket will be allotted to you.

The best part is that, that if you had an unconfirmed ticket, RAC or WL ticket for a passenger train,  and a seat is available in Rajdhani express type of train, you will get a seat in Rajdhani.

May be from now on, most people would pray that their ticket doesn't get confirmed and they get a seat in faster trains, the rajdhani express.

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