Do you know which is India's longest road tunnel and what is it's length? This post will tell you exactly about the length of lost tunnel in India.

Actually the the biggest tunnel in India is on a road way. It's lies on Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) highway and it's length is 9 Km. A total of 2519 crore Indian rupees has been spend in the making of this tunnel.

The tunnel brings with it various benefits for its users. It is estimated that this tunnel will shorten the time to travel between Jammu and Kashmir by almost 2 hrs. The distance between two major towns on the J&K route, Chenani and Nashri will be cut to 10.9 km from previous 41 km.

inside view of chenani nashri tunnel J&K India
inside view of chenani nashri tunnel J&K India

Due to shortening of route, as per estimates a total of 99 crore rupees of fuel could be saved yearly. Daily the fuel worth 27 lakh rupees is expected to be saved.

The Chenani Nashri tunnel is a part of proposed extension of National highway 44. The tunnel lies on complex route is studded with modern integrated tunnel control system. This system ensures that air, electricity, communication services are working properly and it also helps in early identification of any mishap.

At every 150 meter inside the tunnel there is SOS call box and anti fire system installed. The safety and fire systems are of international standards. There is also a parallel 9 km tunnel which will serve as an alternate passage if there is any problem with main pass.

The alternate tunnel can be useful in land slides, traffic jam etc. The tunnel's inauguration is done by Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi.

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