Today you will learn how to delete IRCTC account. This is the account you make on (online railway ticket booking site) to book seats in train online using internet or irctc application (here is irctc app download page).

Some of you might be wondering what is reason for taking such a drastic step? Why one should go for deleting their entire account. After all it took quite a few minutes to create a new account using irctc registration page. But there is a valid reason. You'll see yourself in few minutes.

irctc profile page
method for deleting irctc account easily

Actually IRCTC is notorious in the sense that it suspends or deactivate your account for no reason sometimes. This usually happens when the staff of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation feels that you have provided a wrong information. They conclude that the information provided by you is wrong when they try to verify it, and it is not verifiable.

Although you can activate your suspended irctc accounts easily, albeit it requires you to create an entirely new profile, but the problem that many people face is that they cannot use their existing mobile numbers. As a policy, IRCTC doesn't allow creation of multiple accounts using the same mobile number (one that is already registered).

So, what to do? Should one subscribe to a new number just to make sure that his IRCTC account is in use? The answer should be 'No'.  Because that won't be practical. Imagine you having to buy a new number every time you want to make a new account!

Since it is not effective to get a new phone number, many people want to use the same old mobile number while creating new IRCTC account. Hence they want to delete their existing account on IRCTC.

Now, how can one actually delete his IRCTC account? 

If you are internet savvy and used to social sites, and for that matter any other site, the solution that one would be familiar with would be something like this:
That would be suffice on most sites. But it is not that simple to delete an IRCTC account. When you go to profile section of IRCTC, using my profile tab in menu, the page that opens up provide options to update and reset your profile. But no option to delete your account. Their are even options to unsubscribe for subscribed letters and promotional offers, but unfortunately no option to delete your account.

If you want to delete your account just because you are fed up with promotional offers, and think that it is a spam, than you can simply unsubscribe from profile, But if you want to get rid of IRCTC account because of reason mentioned before (to keep using old phone number) make use of the trick below.

Delete IRCTC account trick:

We know that there is no direct option to terminate our IRCTC account very easily. We must use an indirect method. Since there is no direct option available on irctc online railway ticket booking system we have to use a trick. This is what you have to do -

Just login to and go to my profile section. Update your profile with wrong information. Change the mobile number, address and basically update with everything fake. Now hopefully IRCTC would try to verify it. Obviously the information won't be verified. End result is your IRCTC account will be deleted in few days.

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