Many happy returns of the Independence day of India. This time the greetings are directly from lord Hanuman ji. His blessings are that India will become more strong, powerful, and will serve to needful with full dedication and determination.

Let's take oath to eradicate evils from the society. There are many things which need to be removed. Especially crime on children and women, poverty, and illiteracy. We believe all of these are interdependent. Eradicating one will pave way for eradication of the other problem.

Lord hanuman in Tri color. Happy Independence Day to all

Lord hanuman is well known for his dare devil acts. In his lifetime he overcame many hurdles. Even the ones that looked insurmountable, hanuman ji with strong determination and faith in lord rama was able to defeat many enemies. Today we also need strong will power and determination.

Let's all pray that lord hanuman will bestow us with all the necessary powers that we can use to make life of all happy and prosperous.

Here's, we from wishing you all, a happy independence day once again.

Spread this message as much as you can. This will be first step of yours towards making  even more stronger, happier, and prosperous India.

Jai Hind!

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