There was a fire in its belly or what? The high speed train imported from Spain today put up an jaw dropping fiery performance when it successfully cleared its 2nd trial run between Mathura and Palwal stations.

Impressive looking white Talgo train took just 54 minutes to cover a distance of 84 km. The first trial was done on May 29 this year. During each trial the train is tested for its performance on various parameter. The third trial will too place between Mumbai and Delhi in August. The third run would be most exciting as the train will be tested for its top speed performance. It is believed that the train will be run at an enormous speed of 250 kph in its last trial run.

Talgo train India
talgo train during its run between Palwal and Mathura

This train has some wonderful features. For example, there is a dedicated audio system and video monitor for each passenger travelling in the train. There are lamps for reading books and magazines at each seat. Seats are more comfortable than what Indian citizens have experienced thus far. There are foot rests too beneath every seat. So no more dealing with jet leg  train-leg after a long journey.

As of now the fastest running train in India is a Gatiman Express which runs at a top speed of 160 kph. Than comes New Delhi - Bhopal Shatabdi express. India is also looking forward towards its first bullet train which will run at speeds of 300 km/hr and would cover distance of 500 km between Mumbai and Ahmadabad in just 2.5 hrs. As of now it takes 7 hrs to travel between Mumbai and Ahmadabad.

Now here is something additional for your general knowledge. Do you know who are the loco pilots of Talgo? Here are their names:

  • SK Pathak
  • Sunil Sharma
Keep their names on the back of your mind. May be they will ask this question in next railway recruitment exam.

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