There is a good news for foodies who like to travel by Indian Railway train service. No longer you would need to order food at your train seat using external food provider service. Railway itself is tightening its seat belt in order to ensure healthy and tasty food for its customers.

But how this has come about?

bean and rice ready to eat packet
ready to eat bean and rice

Actually, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) will now use the technique used by Indian Armed forces to keep food hygienic and last longer. The Defence Food Research Lab (DRFL) will now share its secret technique with IRCTC so that it can too serve its users with high quality ready to eat food while traveling.

DRFL know how to make this food. It is also known as Retort Pouched Processed Food, and is given to space scientists, astronauts, and military personnel all over the world.

Both railways and DRFL have signed a contract in connection with exchange of technology. The north western railway would be the first zone to provide such hygienic food in its trains. Later healthy food scheme is expected to be applied to all railway zones in India.

What is a processed food? Here are some special features of processed food:

  • Processed food can be eaten directly after opening the packet.
  • Also possible to boil it in hot water or in hot air, and consume easily thereafter.
  • Food doesn't deteriorate for 6 months.
  • Adulteration is not possible in such food items.
  • Can be both Veg and Non Veg.
Railway is actually planning, behind the scenes, to provide packaged processed food in 1350 such trains which are not equipped with pantry car, but in which catering service is provided. The processed food will be provided in packs of 150 gm and  300 gm. 

As of now the specific trains in which hygienic food service will be provided are not identified. But update will be provided soon as and when it happens.

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