People who can't book on time usually take a route of tatkal ticket booking to get a confirmed seat in train. They can either do it on their own or they can approach railway appointed agents to book a tatkal ticket for them. But now it won't be possible.

After June 25, people will have to directly approach the railway booking office and book their tatkal tickets.

In an unprecedented, yet what could be a likable move, Indian Railways has decided to take the right of booking tickets under tatkal scheme from railway agents. This is done after number of complaints pointing towards the high-handedness of IRCTC agents while booking such tickets.

irctc agents

These agents tend to charge public as per their desire while booking tickets. If you don't give them money they want, they would often say "All seats are booked. Tickets are not available in this train". Mostly this malpractice is seen in case of booking of premium tatkal tickets.

Actually there are many small travel agents and companies which are linked up to IRCTC. They can do booking on behalf of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (the online ticket booking company in India). Some of the personnel who do ticket booking work have been caught wanting 100, 200 or 500 or more rupees from public when they come to them to get their seat booked in train.

This latest step from railway will no doubt provide relief to common public, but also would increase trust and confidence of general public when it comes to railway ticket booking. From many years, ever since the online ticket booking of railway has started, there have always been dark clouds of confusion hovering over how railway book seats for people.

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