Now you will be able to travel in train without a ticket. Your photo will act as your railway ticket. Only thing you would need is Aadhar Card, which is also an official identity card.

Railway has already introduced paper less ticketing via online ticket booking. As you know that you can get train tickets instantly online. All you need to do is to login on IRCTC and follow the online train ticket booking steps.

But what about those who can't manage booking tickets online? Don't mistake, there is still a huge lot of people in India who are not that computer savvy and who even in this day and age, where technology is rich, like to stand in long queues at railway reservation counters to purchase a railway ticket. They definitely go through lot of pain beside wasting the crucial time.

ticket less train in Indian railway
With Aadhar card in pocket you can directly go and sit in train without a ticket

For such non computer savvy people the new policy of railway where the identity card or Aadhar would suffice as a rail ticket will be a great relief.

You must be wondering how this will work?

Actually the TC(ticket checker of railway) would be able to verify the identity by using his smartphone. He would be able to feed in your Aadhar Card number and get the details. Needless to say, the cross examination would be quick provided the internet is fast. Indian railway already has arguably the fastest broadband network in railtel.

In fact, if we go by railway officials, in future it won't be possible to generate a railway ticket without Aadhar Card. The project is in initial stages as of now. It will take bit of time before one can truly travel in train without ticket.

Railway will implement the ticket-less travel scheme in two stages. Initially, in first phase, the benefit will be given to senior citizens, freedom fighters, physically handicapped, and unemployed quota of travelers.

In second phase all the ticketing services will be linked to Aadhar. It means - "No Aadhar Card, no railway ticket." In other words - "Aadhar card would be mandatory for railway ticket booking."

As per Indian Government official, the ticket-less travel will help curb black marketing of tickets in a long way. Already one can see the effects of such policy in other areas of public service. Data shows that ever since the subsidy is being transferred directly to accounts of Aadhar card holders i.e. Aadhar based subsidy, the black marketing in food distribution system has come down drastically.

In coming few days you shall see a new column being added to railway reservation form. In this column one has to enter his unique identification Aadhar identity card number. This number will than be printed both on ticket and in train chart at the time of its preparation.

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