The railways in India has come a long way. From the first train that ran on April 16,1853 between Bori bunder Mumbai  and Thane railway stations, the Indian Railways has changed a lot, and people have many experiences, both good and bad. But this is the era of Metro Trains, and light metro trains.

In the latest railway budget a provision of Rs. 8000 crore is made for the first phase of metro rail project between Bhopal and Indore. Thus we will see metro running in MP in very near future along with Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai, Bengaluru where the train is already running and rendering its services to the locals.

In fact there is a demand among public to convert all passenger trains in India to metro trains.

Light Metro Trains
neat and clean london metro station

The light metro train is thus far more popular in Germany, Saudi Arab, Dubai and Poland. It travels between the speeds of 30 to 40 kph and is cheaper than mono train and heavy mono train. It is most useful for places with light density of population. The bogies are comparatively smaller and lighter if you compare it with bogies of Delhi Metro or Jaipur Metro. It is easier to operate and manage, and it can change routes without much complexity.

Now some important facts that you should know about these metro trains. The candidates were asked questions in a recent railway recruitment interview. So keep them in mind. Here are the facts:
  • Worlds longest metro rail service is Shanghai Metro (China) which covers total distance of 434 Km.
  • America has most number of metro train service in the world. Here there are 24 metros in 32 cities.
  • London metro is the second longest metro in world with distance of 402 km.
  • New York City Metro has most number of stoppages. There are 422 metro stations on the route.
  • India's first metro train wasn't run among delhi stations. In fact, surprisingly, it ran between Dumdum and Tali ganj (Kolkata).
  • World's first metro ran in London on May 10, 1963.
Hope you like these facts on metro railways. Remember them and share with your friends.

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