Today is earth day. The day when we take pledge to protect earth from pollution and destruction. Not that we are that powerful. The mother earth is mighty enough to take care of not only herself, but she takes care of us too. But it's our ego that make us say "Today I take pledge that I'll protect earth from all the damages".

Anyway, today you will see how Indian railway is contributing towards protecting earthly resources. Indian railway is known as lifeline of India. In fact there is a village whose life is dependent on railway bridge in India. Railway carries millions of people each day  from one place to other in it's passenger and local trains. Not to forget the food and other essential commodities that are transited by railway from one corner of India to the other.

Most parts of India are suffering from drought like conditions. Specially latur district in Maharashtra. Indian railway is carrying water to the region. This is not happening only now, but from last 40 years.

Water carried by Train in Latur in 1960's : Photo courtsey Dainik Bhaskar newpaper

Railway is doing its bit:

  1. Indian Railways has introduced LED lights into all bogies and coaches to save energy.
  2. Bio Toilets have been introduced in trains in order to process the waste and dump a more cleaner garbage.
  3. Already, electrification of most railway routes is done so as to avoid diesel consuming locomotives.
  4. People can travel on paper less train tickets. This way railway is saving trees. Use the message send by railway on mobile along with a valid ID, and you can avoid printed tickets.
  5. Railway conducts ecotourism tours on irctc toursim packages site.
Now its your turn to contribute towards cleaner earth. Avoid using plastic bags in train. Throw garbage in dust bins only. Make use of official railway toilets on station. And if possible plant a green tree near a station which seems little less green as compared to others.

Happy Earth day.

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