Railway employment is done for various posts in railway. One of these is Railway Protection Force (RPF). But now these RPF recruits will do a job other than their main railway job. They will now spy (keep an eye on railway reservation desks/ counters/ windows.

In order to curtail excessive train ticket booking by agents, Indian Railway is taking some strong steps. In this regard the CCTV cameras of reservation offices of railway will now be used by RPF personnel to check if some illegal activity is carried out at ticket booking counters. In particular, watch will be kept on agents who spend time at the same counter and book many tickets at a time, so much so that the other passengers find their name in waiting list.

Railway RPF Recruits
RPF constables ready for final exam at Hyderabad 

Also the computer IP addresses of the all the computers used for railway booking will be traced and will be checked in order to find out if the number of train tickets that can be booked from one system is more than a permissible limit. Also the commercial staff of railway is given task of closely watching any person who uses same or more than one ID for booking multiple tickets in order to reserve seats for black marketing of tickets at a later date.

It is to be noticed that with summer holidays in school and wedding season on the calendar the number of train  travelers increases manifold during May, June, and July months. The increase in number of train passengers is directly proportional to the length of a train waiting list. In Howrah-Ahmedabad the waiting is above 190 these days. In Chattisgarh express the WL is above 250 already. Seeing this the unauthorized agents try to take advantage of situation and sell the railway tickets at double or triple prices than actual prices.

But this time railway has been on alert and want to crash down any attempt of illegal railway ticket selling  by agents. RPF has now a task of checking IP address of the computer too. Their task is to make sure only eligible agents do the job of booking and selling railway tickets.

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