It's about time that that we hear inside a normal passenger train - "Doors will open on the left, please mind the gap". Indian Railway seriously need to learn from DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) and other metro services in India like, Mumbai metro and Kolkata Metro. For such a proud railway organization, the rolling stock of Indian Railway is too outdated.

delhi metro station
map, route, fare chart at delhi's metro station

Passenger to Metro Train Conversion Need

There are plenty of reasons as to why Indian railway should look to convert all its passenger trains to metro trains.

Why Metro Train

Travelling in a metro train an experience to tell. Traveling by metro feels like one is moving around the city on a  palace on wheels, like a Maharaja. Metro rail services are neat and clean and people are well disciplined. They are happy to giveaway their seats to ladies and senior citizens without fight. Children and women feel safe while traveling by metro.

Not only trains but metro stations too are well maintained. There are proper security checks to make sure no disturbing element enter the platform. In fact you can't get into railway premises without your travel card or token as automatic gates won't open without them. You wouldn't see any wild dog raising his leg at metro stations. They are not allowed at all.

Also the services available at platforms of metro stations are awesome. There are automatic ticket wending machines. Coffee shops, book stalls, food plaza's, and more importantly clean toilets are available for public use.

Metro trains by and large run as per timetable. This is excellent in a country where nothing seems to happen on time.

Why not Passenger Train

Now lets come to Indian Railways and their services. The platforms are not well maintained. Many small cities platforms are devoid of lights and there are no security checks. In fact platforms are preferred place to spend time for crooks and thieves. Dogs, cows, buffaloes, and even some unknown creatures live happily there.

We all know how a monkey was seen saving the life of his friend at kanpur railway station. Have a look at this video.

The drinking water is dirty and one can see the dogs licking the water taps often. Less we talk about toilets the better it is. These are not cleaned until some minister makes a visit. Snakes inside toilets is a common phenomenon.

There is no announcement and no facility to tell where your coach would arrive. Train will come, stop, and start again but you won't find your coach and also would have a good chance of breaking your leg while running here and there desperately to find out exactly where Sleeper coach is stationed. Worse the people inside normal passenger trains don't behave  properly.

Doesn't matter if you are a pregnant lady, or old men with fractured hand, no one will give you a space to sit. And god saves you if you get stuck in between heavy crowd. There is good chance of pickpocket and no one will provide space to you so that you can jump off the train when your destination arrives.

Passenger trains often run behind time/ schedule, late enough that one can miss their job interview or won't reach hospital on time in case of emergency.

Indian Railways, one of the biggest organizations in India, must look to seriously upgrade their services. We tax payers pay enough tax so that you can provide better services.

And please stop transporting buffaloes in goods trains with open doors. It looks scary. What will happen if few buffaloes fall down. The shepherd won't be able to find them, and good chance that fallen buffaloes would ruins someone else's crop.

It's written on the wall - "Convert All Passenger Trains to Metro Trains".

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